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DryvBy’s Top 50 Games of All-Time (Part 1)

I’ve wanted to compile a list of my all-time top 50 games for a while now and it seems like a snowy day like today is the best time to do this. I’m not putting a number system on my list because it’s pointless. I couldn’t place a numerical value of one game above the other in a list this big. It’s unfair to myself and unfair to my precious favorites. So here’s the first part of my list, which will continue for the next few weeks until all is completed.

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Review: X-Men: The Arcade Game (PS3)

When I was growing up, the arcades were something to really get into. Across America, there’s not too many arcade cabinets floating around outside of a Pac-man game, or maybe Street Fighter II. The arcades served a purpose to bring you entertainment for a short period while enjoying pizza slices. Since there’s not too many arcades around, it’s a pleasure to welcome any and all arcade titles to our home consoles or PC.

X-Men: The Arcade Game is one of the titles I grew up with back in 1992, and spent many a quarter playing. The game is a blast, but truly much more fun with some friends. It’s a 6-player beat-em-up co-op title with a decent amount of levels and bosses. Since it was in the arcade, you wouldn’t expect a game like this to be lengthy. So, after all of these years, how does the title hold up? And is it worth it?

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Review: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (PS3)

The last time I purchased a Need for Speed title new was Most Wanted. If felt like Hot Pursuit, but was missing something. That something is what Hot Pursuit brings to the table. Much like the original Hot Pursuit, this one is all about speed and running from the cops.

Review: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game (PS3)

If you’re unfamiliar with the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels, this game will catch you up with the basic premise of the story. Scott is a Canadian bass player for a band called the “Sex Bob-ombs“. He meets a girl, and in order to keep the girl, he is required to beat up her 7 evil boyfriends.

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Halo: Reach Impressions

Halo: Reach is pretty incredible so far. I’m not even near done, thanks to school and the mediocre X-Men Origins: Wolverine had me finishing the game so I could send it back to where it came from. But I got to test out the core aspects of everything, so here’s my impression.

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TGS 2010: Greatest Hits

Just a few of the goodies from 2010’s TGS. A lot of good surprises. While Sony is definitely making a come back this year, I’m scared they’re never going to firmware upgrade our PlayStation 3 systems to support backwards compatibility since their HD remakes are a hit. I still have an original, but when it dies, I’m going to be screwed. I have some odd figure of PlayStation 2 titles in my closet I just bought recently.

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Review: Mafia II

Mafia II is set in 1943 to 1951 in a fictional city of Empire Bay, USA, a city so familiar with crime, you’d assume Congress vacations there after time spent in Washington D.C.. There’s definitely crime afoot in Empire Bay. The city is controlled by three families, and the question is who are you going to befriend and who are you going to kill?

A timed shot to the gas tank.

You play as protagonist, Vito Scaletta, a Sicilian immigrant who doesn’t understand his father (who drowns when he’s a younger age), loves his mama, and loves making money. Vito is injured in World War II and is released home for a bit. His best friend, Joe Barbaro, is involved in the mob and does his friend a little favor by getting Vito out on permanent leave. From there, Vito slowly and surely gets involved in the mafia himself, giving you all the ups and downs of the 1940s/1950s and the life of a mobster.
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Used Gamers Are the New Software Pirates

The issue of used game sales has been in video game news for a bit, now with debates of whether or not it’s okay for companies to add the one-time use cards to play online. If you’re unfamiliar with this tactic, it’s a way for a company to make a profit off of used game sales by charging you to play on their servers. There’s also a card that effect multiplayer by giving new copies a DLC card that allows you to gain access to all the levels in a game.

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Alan Wake Impressions

I rented Alan Wake finally. So here ‘s just a quickie blog of things I like and hate, as usual:

+ Plays like an older style game. This is a good and bad for me.
+ Good story so far.
+ Episodic, so I know when to break.
+ Great atmosphere and I think it might be genuinely spooky later on.

– Doesn’t feel ‘next- gen’ at all. Feels like an original Xbox game.
– The worst lip syncing I’ve ever seen. Seriously. Not one word matches.
– The hud seriously gets in the way. I wish maps were disabled for Hard and Nightmare modes.
– Thermos hunting.
– Energizer batteries… everywhere. I like they’re in there but c’mon. Who leaves expensive batteries in the middle of no where?

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BioShock 2…done!

I forgot I bought this game. It was taking too much time during school so I never really played it much, but today I finished it up. Not as good as the original BioShock, but definitely something that kept me entertained. I have to go back through it and finish the trophies when I’m done with all of my other games. Next game I’m working on? Sam & Max: Season 2/3, Red Faction Guerilla, and Trine. But not tonight. I’m going to see a Powerman 5000 show in Nashville, TN tonight. It sucks that I drove several miles to see them in Johnson City, TN at this “club” only to find out that they cancelled the show there. I hope Spider One lets me rant in his ear for a moment. I can’t imagine why they cancelled. The club was in a sucky city next to a Dollar General. How clubish is that?

Expect a delayed review for BioShock 2 soon…