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Fives Reasons Kotaku Took Dirty Money to Express an Opinion

Jason Schreier wrote this opinion piece about how a world without used games wouldn’t be that bad. Each example was plagued with corporate propaganda and it just goes to show you that you can’t trust mainstream websites anymore. I hope I never go mainstream just so I won’t confirm my paranoia I have about this article and most reviews today. That fear being that game publishers pay websites to write this crap.

I’m going to quote Kotaku’s reader, Shinta, who basically summed up everything nicely without the typical rage you see in a comments section of an article.

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Used Gamers Are the New Software Pirates

The issue of used game sales has been in video game news for a bit, now with debates of whether or not it’s okay for companies to add the one-time use cards to play online. If you’re unfamiliar with this tactic, it’s a way for a company to make a profit off of used game sales by charging you to play on their servers. There’s also a card that effect multiplayer by giving new copies a DLC card that allows you to gain access to all the levels in a game.

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