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E3 2015 Summary

Instead of hosting a series of pages dedicated to every announcement during this E3, I’ve decided to just create a single post and edit it as news rolls out with links to various sources instead of how I’ve done things in the past. I’m also going to be sorting these according to platform or news from specific conferences.

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Monthly Pick-Ups: August 2014

Wii U Deluxe Console
My beautiful wife asked me to come out to the car and help her bring in the groceries. When she opened the trunk, my brain took a second to register that there wasn’t any groceries at all, but a Wii U sitting in there with several games! It was the biggest birthday surprise since she bought me Batman: Arkham Asylum when it first came out (a game I was planning on skipping simply because Batman games aren’t typically quality). I have a great PC and a PlayStation 4 for my “hardcore gaming”. But for fun, adventurous games that you can’t get on my other systems, the Wii U fills that void.

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MariO: The hybrid of Super Mario and Aperture Science.

For more info, MariO.

Review: New Super Mario Bros. Wii

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May the Month Be With You

Finally, a real blog! This one is dedicated to one of the best months this year: May.

May is bringing us 3D Dot Game Hero, Red Dead Redemption, Lost Planet 2, Alan Wake, Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Backbreaker, and ModNation Racers. That’s a whole lot of great releases. Sadly, I’m going to just pick and choose the games I’m getting this upcoming month since I need to focus a bit more on school, my incredible music, and finishing my games. If you’re wondering which games I’m getting, just read the rest of this blog, stupid.

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Review: Super Mario Sunshine

When I first saw the screenshots of this Mario, I freaked out thinking “What the crap is Nintendo thinking? Mario with a hydro jet-pack?! Getouttahere!” But, since I’m a huge Nintendo addict and buy everything Mario (besides the Super Mario Bros. live action movie), I ended up reserving it for a cool Nintendo PC disc with a bunch of awesome Mario things and getting the game. I was really stoked the more I read about this game. When I actually started playing the game, I discovered it was a nice add-on to the Mario series… but I’d still prefer the classic jumping plumber over a weird water pack that helps you fly/rocket/etc.

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