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Best Zerg Strategy Ever?

StarCraft II just blew my mind again!

Review: Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

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Need Moar Minerals!! (StarCraft II Beta Impressions)

Middle of the  road.No country for Zerg rushing.

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching a ton of roaches get squashed by a tank that’s fired a shell right into it’s ugly little face. This brutal scene of violence is what puts a smile on my face, at least. StarCraft II is right around the corner (July, for example), which means I can support Blizzard more than I already have.

I pre-ordered the (special edition) game at GameStop. Don’t judge me! I could care less how they treat people. They had a good deal. Pre-order the game, get into the mutliplayer beta. Quit judging me! I have a couple of friends that are getting this with me so we can do team games. Our team name is “The Wet Bandits“. We’re a small clan of gaming idiots that have no idea what we’re doing because we can’t stick to one game for too long. But StarCraft II may hold our attention long enough.

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Top ‘Must-Haves’ This Year (Part 1 of 3)

With so many great games coming our just in Q1 this year, how do you decide what to get? That’s correct. You come to my blog. These are the games I’m dying to have this year, at least until E3 comes around and tells me that my dreams for this years model sucks compared to next year.

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