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Yakuza 6 Official Trailer

Let’s just hope this comes to the West.

Sonic 3 Remastered is a possibility if Sega will greenlight it.

Taxman and Stealth, the guys responsible for releasing Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and Sonic CD on mobile devices, are trying to get Sonic 3 ported to mobile devices as well. Now it’s all up to Sega to greenlight the project and bring this to your phone. If you haven’t played their other releases of the good-era Sonic games, they’re a charm. They work great and there’s nothing like playing a quality remaster on your phone while sitting on a subway or where ever you are while you play mobile games.

Ghost_Messiah from NeoGAF posted in a thread on February 10th a lot of good information regarding this project and is a true believer we can get this done. Here’s snippet from the post:

It’s worth noting that in that third link Stealth who developed Sonic 1 and 2 Remastered with Taxman showed his support behind the movement with a lengthy blog post that goes into detail about the project and includes a pledge to support the movement’s efforts to encourage Sega to green light the project. News coverage and press attention is thus far in its infancy though the movement has been covered by a couple of notable sites such as Touch Arcade, TSSZ News, Sonic Retro itself and Sega focused sites such as Segabits and Seganerds. The drive now is to generate as much press attention as possible and shine light on this project in the hopes that Sega will take notice.

Finally it’s also worth noting that Stealth and Taxman’s initial plans and designs for Sonic 3 & Knuckles Remastered include far more than just a straight port. In addition to being based on Taxman’s proprietary Retro engine (that powered Sonic CD, Sonic 1 and 2 Remastered) the duo has the intention to implement enhanced stages including new areas for each character, new special stages, enhanced graphics, remastered music and beyond this “Blue Spheres 2” which is an idea for an evolution of the Blue Spheres special stage, new story scenes and an advanced and more developed online 2-player mode.

Here’s a petition video and plea to Sega to get this done:

If you want to support (which who wouldn’t?), start by sending Sega Networks a letter and keep an eye out on their website. It’s not going to cost you anything to simply spread this information via Twitter or Facebook. So Special thanks to Sega Retro for keeping us informed on this project.

Persona 5 trailer finally hits and the game looks amazing!

My wife and I sat through Catherine a few months back and we both were taken for a wild ride. While I didn’t enjoy the puzzles, the story was perfect and gripping. Do you defend Vincent in his quest for lusty pleasures or come clean?

But the thing we really liked was that the game itself looked very much like an anime in 3D. Persona 5 is going this direction and it looks stunning. And if you’re unfamiliar with the gameplay of the Persona series, imagine a novel story played out in front of you while you’re playing a high school dating sim. That… may not sound all that great, but the way the story is played out is why people are hype for this new title. If the dating/high school sim doesn’t really do it for you, you may be interested in the combat/collectathon system which is like a hybrid Pokémon JRPG.

This year is just a terrific reason to own a PlayStation 4, and a third party game may be the reason to get one.

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Yakuza 1 & 2 HD remaster trailer

I’m unsure if this is coming to the Western side of the world, but Sega, please make this happen!

“Sonic Generations” Dreamcast Era Trailer

Me Gusta.

Review: Condemned: Criminal Origins

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