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Free Game Friday: Quest for Glory II: Trial By Fire (Remake)

AGD Interactive makes and remakes graphic adventure games that were gold to the Sierra company back in the 90s. Their first release was the remake of Roberta Williams’ King’s Quest. Unlike most of LucasArts’ adventures, Sierra’s adventures held consequences for misusing items or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. This game was remade for fans of adventure games or fans of early gaming nostalgia.

In Quest for Glory II, you’re in the land of Shapeir and now the hero throughout the land. The city is threatened by four evil elements and it’s your job to defend it since you’re the hero and all. Oh, and Shapeir’s neighboring city’s Emir Arus al-Din is missing and you’ll need to help him too. It’s a load of fictional fun and graphic adventure goodness!

Here’s their official webpage.