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What if Diablo III was too hardcore?

So many gamers on different websites are full of whining about Diablo III‘s difficulty. Sure, the game is really hard. In Hell difficulty, you’re going to run into mobs that vortex (pull you closer to them), have near impossible to break shields, invulnerability, and molten lava footprints. That’s not even near the difficulty of mobs in Inferno.  But as Blizzard has stated recently, it’s all because you guys aren’t getting the gear you need. That goes for me too. I have yet to beat Inferno, much like everyone else. But I do have an idea for what would make Diablo III the most frustrating game in the entire world, making most of the posts about it being “too hard” absolutely true. Hardcore mode would still be the way it is. But then there would be Realistic mode.

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Can’t wait for Diablo III? Here’s some clones to tide you over!

You’ve waited twelve years, what’s another fifteen days? Well, it’s fifteen days! By now, any fan has already got a taste of that delicious Diablo sauce via Blizzard’s open beta weekend. I’ve been playing for a couple of months now. I can safely say that I’ve already seen vast improvements from when I first started. We can make any excuse we want to about what’s not to like and what’s to like about the direction the Diablo series has taken. Good or bad, the action-RPG genre if far and few in terms of pure action and role-playing. Or at least, in terms of quality.

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Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 680 leaks for ultra nerdgasam.

It really looks like next generation consoles are going to need to do more than release shooters. PC gaming is proving itself to come back in style. The reason I jumped back from playing PC games mainly a while back was due to DRM. Steam is the only method of DRM I’ll even allow on my computer.

This new Nvidia card proves that gaming on the PC is still the kind when it comes to quality.

Update: Here’s specs from Maximum PC.

Portal beaten in 10 minutes. Cake is still a lie.

Simply amazing. Watch as DemonStrate totally annihilates the game. This isn’t a long game in the first place, but to beat it this quickly? It just shows you that PC gamers are still king.

Need Moar Minerals!! (StarCraft II Beta Impressions)

Middle of the  road.No country for Zerg rushing.

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching a ton of roaches get squashed by a tank that’s fired a shell right into it’s ugly little face. This brutal scene of violence is what puts a smile on my face, at least. StarCraft II is right around the corner (July, for example), which means I can support Blizzard more than I already have.

I pre-ordered the (special edition) game at GameStop. Don’t judge me! I could care less how they treat people. They had a good deal. Pre-order the game, get into the mutliplayer beta. Quit judging me! I have a couple of friends that are getting this with me so we can do team games. Our team name is “The Wet Bandits“. We’re a small clan of gaming idiots that have no idea what we’re doing because we can’t stick to one game for too long. But StarCraft II may hold our attention long enough.

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Review: Battlefield 2


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Review: Portal

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Review: Titan Quest

After playing the demo for 20 minutes, I ordered the game for in-store pick up at my local Best Buy, along with my best friend. We picked it up together after work and rushed home to install it. The game, at first, felt like a bit of a NoX copy, which is a good thing. Turns out, I was wrong, but not that it was a bad thing. It turned into a really fun hack-n-slash adventure that I played non-stop in the mornings before work and late at night. Let’s just jump right in this review.

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Review: Maniac Mansion 2: Day of the Tentacle

Any fan of DOS-based point-and-click adventures are going to love this game. It’s seriously not serious. The game is meant to tickle your funny bone, which is does very well at doing. You don’t really need to have a certain type of 90’s humor to like the game. The way the game is written is entirely hilarious and well delivered. Those unaware of the series, this is the second game in the Maniac Mansion series.

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Review: Fable: The Lost Chapters

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