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Halo: Reach Impressions

Halo: Reach is pretty incredible so far. I’m not even near done, thanks to school and the mediocre X-Men Origins: Wolverine had me finishing the game so I could send it back to where it came from. But I got to test out the core aspects of everything, so here’s my impression.

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PlayStation Move Impressions by iWaggle

Visit iWaggle3D for more PlayStation Move info. But for now, some YouTube videos of the Move in action!

PlayStation Move tech analysis

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Alan Wake Impressions

I rented Alan Wake finally. So here ‘s just a quickie blog of things I like and hate, as usual:

+ Plays like an older style game. This is a good and bad for me.
+ Good story so far.
+ Episodic, so I know when to break.
+ Great atmosphere and I think it might be genuinely spooky later on.

– Doesn’t feel ‘next- gen’ at all. Feels like an original Xbox game.
– The worst lip syncing I’ve ever seen. Seriously. Not one word matches.
– The hud seriously gets in the way. I wish maps were disabled for Hard and Nightmare modes.
– Thermos hunting.
– Energizer batteries… everywhere. I like they’re in there but c’mon. Who leaves expensive batteries in the middle of no where?

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E3 2010 Impressions & Thoughts

E3’s big cheese stuff is now over. What did you guys think? Who “won”? What did you love, like, dislike, or hate?

Here’s my thoughts on the whole event. We’ll start with Microsoft, since they were first. Microsoft’s presentation, in my opinion, was a huge disappointment. Natal…I mean, Kinect…looks good, but still, no pricing. And the games… I dunno. I’m a gamer, not a fitness geek. I could care less about getting in fake-shape playing a 2nd rate game using a camera. Fable III seems to make use of the Kinect to a point where I’m interested. I mean, no one can disagree that the technology, it looks killer. But there’s no price. The support seems a little bland. The dance game just looks really stupid to me. I’m not a DDR nerd, so I don’t really care whatsoever about getting “achievements” for looking like an idiot. More on the games, Microsoft just completely blew it.

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