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Lazy Weekends: Day of the Tentacle

If you were looking for tentacle porn on the internet, you’ve come to the right place. Watch as I play through this entire comedy-adventure game while streaming live on Twitch.

Old LucasArts adventure background pictures available

Steve Purcell posted a gallery of old LucasArts backgrounds from the golden age of graphic adventure gaming. If you’re unfamiliar with his Sam & Max blog, you might want to keep up with it. He’s not only one of the best at writing bizarre comics but has a lot of interesting things to say. Here’s a direct link to his post. Below are some highlights of nostalgia in DOS format.

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Timeless Classics: Day of the Tentacle

Without remembering the classic games of long before, you often forget either how far we’ve come or how little we’ve grown. Gaming is just like going to the movies. An interactive movie. Just like Hollywood, if you don’t look back on the classics, you can feel a false feeling of joy when you watch a new movie, only to find out years later a movie has so many stolen ideas from a classic movie. Or after watching some classic films, realize that some of today’s movies are just crap. The same with gaming. Remembering the history of anything is always a good idea in not just gaming or movies, but the world’s history. You realize that things aren’t better today, just different. So without further stalling, I bring you a classic feature of mine to welcome in the new by sharing the old: “Timeless Classics“.

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Review: Maniac Mansion 2: Day of the Tentacle

Any fan of DOS-based point-and-click adventures are going to love this game. It’s seriously not serious. The game is meant to tickle your funny bone, which is does very well at doing. You don’t really need to have a certain type of 90’s humor to like the game. The way the game is written is entirely hilarious and well delivered. Those unaware of the series, this is the second game in the Maniac Mansion series.

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