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Tom Clancy’s The Division vs. Destiny: Which Did It Better?


The comparisons between the newly released Tom Clancy’s The Division and 2014’s Destiny are making it’s rounds across the internet. Both are similar in structure while being different games almost entirely. One is an online coop role-playing first-person shooter while the other is an online coop role-playing third-person shooter. With similarities all over the place, it’s time to find out just which game does it better because competitive behavior is all the rage these days.


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Review: Destiny: The Taken King

Available on: PlayStation 4 | Xbox One | PlayStation 3 | Xbox 360
Release date: September 15, 2015

As much as I played vanilla Destiny, I never got around to writing my review for the original game. I was very optimistic with the original game and found there to be enough content overall, even though I didn’t really know what was going on in the campaign nor cared. The gunplay is terrific. The graphics are beautiful with a locked frame rate and a beautiful aesthetic sci-fi setting. The music is great. And the drop-in/drop-out co-op experience works seamlessly. And the deathmatch… err, PVP… combines a familiar feeling of Halo’s deathmatch with special abilities depending on your character class. The game is built around you playing with friends and that’s a good experience in its own. Destiny’s weakness came from grinding equipment, limited content, a story that’s generic on the surface, and rewards that never felt too rewarding. But I certainly wouldn’t say the core game is unacceptable as it was my most played game of 2014.

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Destiny’s Bad PR Week

I’ve put in several hours on Bungie’s quasi-MMO, Destiny. The game clicked with me almost instantly and I can’t truly explain why. The grinding was annoying (which is fixed now). It feels content was completely stripped from the game to sell DLC. The main story mode wasn’t anything like Halo, which I think a lot of people wanted. Yet, I find myself going back every so often. The shooting mechanics are great. The game is really vivid and gorgeous. And their PVP mode, Crucible, is a blast to play. I’ve played through 150 raids, and I’m one of the few people who have the Platinum trophy for this game. But there’s a reason I haven’t even tried to review it yet. It’s a love/hate relationship and really hard to review for me. However, I can say that with all the crap I’ve had to deal with in Destiny, I really enjoyed my time in it. And still do.

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Destiny’s “Flawless Raider” Trophy Completed… Finally!

After four very long and tiring nights of raiding with five other random players, we managed to get everyone through the Vault of Glass (Normal) raid without dying to be apart of the 0.2% of players who managed to get the coveted Flawless Raider trophy on PlayStation’s network. Ignore that PSN Profiles has it at a higher 2.19% since they’re only calculating that number from people that have used their site. Anyway, here’s the full raid in all it’s glory for those who want to watch from the Twitch stream.



Destiny in T-Minus 4 Days!

This isn’t an important message or anything. I just wanted to share this video everyone has seen.