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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Reveal Trailer

Space battles? All right!

E3 2015 Summary

Instead of hosting a series of pages dedicated to every announcement during this E3, I’ve decided to just create a single post and edit it as news rolls out with links to various sources instead of how I’ve done things in the past. I’m also going to be sorting these according to platform or news from specific conferences.

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Titanfall Beta Impressions

If you’re unfamiliar with Titanfall, then you’ve been living in a closet.  Titanfall is being hyped as the biggest multiplayer shooter to ever come out, as it’s won over 75 various awards. It features faster gameplay than most shooters, parkour movements, and giant mechs that fall from the sky on command. It’s also from the original guys at Infinity Ward, the makers of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Now that the beta is out and I’ve had a chance to play it, here’s some of my impressions. But before I begin, let me remind you that while this is a beta, the beta’s core gameplay and mechanics are complete in this beta. This beta was solely to test out the servers.

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Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare Release Trailer

Go install your Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and then get your copy of this outstanding mod here.

Bad Company 2 vs. Modern Warfare 2

This is a recent topic that I’m sure everyone that is into the military shooters of current times has debated, if not online, then around friends. A quick note on my take: I’m a fan of both titles, but I think one of them is becoming a little too confident, and when they feel like a superpower, it’s only right to knock them down. I will try and be fair to both titles as I don’t think you can completely compare them like apples to apples. They’re still different types of game, but they hold enough similarities to compare some of the basics.

Bad Company 2:
+ Destructible environments. Great graphics.
+ Built around team-play.
+ Vehicles that are not tacked on.
+ Some of the best audio in a game.
+ Fun collectibles/stats.
+ Free DLC that is more than just “a few rehashed maps”.
– Short and easy single player.
– No co-op.
– Server issues (mostly fixed).

Modern Warfare 2:
+ Great graphics.
+ Built towards ‘action-shooters’ fans rather than squad.
+ Lots of unlockables for guns.
+ Co-op
+Loads of stat collectibles for those stat junkies.
– Loads of online glitches.
– Short and easy single player.
– Story is out there.
– DLC is a complete rip off.

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