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Ars Technica “journalist” crusades against Sony…again.

Remember back in April when Sony was attacked by hackers and everyone got free crap a month and some days later? Well, Ars Technica gaming journalist, , showed his anti-Sony bias that day, constantly posting  his hatred for the company any chance he could. He’s been on the anti-Sony crusade for a long time. Recently, he posted about how Uncharted 3’s promo with Subway “cheapened” the game experience, yet failed to mention that promotional Subway effects were going to be removed after the game was released.

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EA Sports plans on subscription based content. Expect others to follow…

Can you believe this crap?

Just a short “Tweet” blog. Don’t buy into this stuff. NOT buying stuff does make a difference. If you’re tired of pay-to-play single player games, DRM, and all the other bullcrap that goes into gaming these days, don’t buy their games. And mean it, too. I really hope this industry crashes soon. We need to start over. Back when games were more “kids toys” and we didn’t have so many casual monkeys trying to run the scene, gaming was great. 1998, for the win! If I’d have thought gaming would turn into a greed fest, I’d have never got into it. Heck, probably would have been a successful something if it weren’t for Nintendo’s evil, soul-sucking gems.

Another stupid thing, while I’m on the subject, is the strategy guides. Do you people really buy them? I’ve even seen “Collector’s Editions” of strategy guide. The last guide I bought was GTA 4, and it was just so I could read the guide at work. But c’mon. A collector’s edition guide of a game you’re not going to play in a month? You people need to really wake up to some basic economics.

Used Gamers Are the New Software Pirates

The issue of used game sales has been in video game news for a bit, now with debates of whether or not it’s okay for companies to add the one-time use cards to play online. If you’re unfamiliar with this tactic, it’s a way for a company to make a profit off of used game sales by charging you to play on their servers. There’s also a card that effect multiplayer by giving new copies a DLC card that allows you to gain access to all the levels in a game.

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Micro$oft wants more money. Meanwhile, you agree.

In this day and age, most companies are lowering their prices to compete with the looming market right now. Microsoft, on the other hand, thinks they’re more than special; they’re untouchable. So what does the community think of this? Well, the Microsoft community is all for it. Sure, why not. It’s only your wallet!

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E3 2010 Impressions & Thoughts

E3’s big cheese stuff is now over. What did you guys think? Who “won”? What did you love, like, dislike, or hate?

Here’s my thoughts on the whole event. We’ll start with Microsoft, since they were first. Microsoft’s presentation, in my opinion, was a huge disappointment. Natal…I mean, Kinect…looks good, but still, no pricing. And the games… I dunno. I’m a gamer, not a fitness geek. I could care less about getting in fake-shape playing a 2nd rate game using a camera. Fable III seems to make use of the Kinect to a point where I’m interested. I mean, no one can disagree that the technology, it looks killer. But there’s no price. The support seems a little bland. The dance game just looks really stupid to me. I’m not a DDR nerd, so I don’t really care whatsoever about getting “achievements” for looking like an idiot. More on the games, Microsoft just completely blew it.

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EA Sports Salues the Middle Finger. Gamers Grovel.

Have you heard? EA Sports wants to make it a new thing that if you buy a used EA Sports game starting this year, you have to pay to play online (Actually, it might be more accurate to say Madden NFL ’10.). Not monthly or anything, just a downloadable content pack to unlock online modes. What’s more ridiculous than that? EA is the most notorious company for shutting off servers after a year. Or in some cases (Hellgate: London), less than a year!

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What Happened to Consumer Rights?

I’m sure you’ve heard the news by now, if not by gaming media outlets or raging Xbox 360 fanboys, then by Sony fans themselves. With Firmware 3.21 today, you lose you’re ability to play video games online if you don’t update, but if you do update and own the original fat PlayStation 3, you lose your OtherOS option. April Fool’s joke? Apparently not.

Is this really a big deal?

Short answer: Yes.

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Bad Company 2 vs. Modern Warfare 2

This is a recent topic that I’m sure everyone that is into the military shooters of current times has debated, if not online, then around friends. A quick note on my take: I’m a fan of both titles, but I think one of them is becoming a little too confident, and when they feel like a superpower, it’s only right to knock them down. I will try and be fair to both titles as I don’t think you can completely compare them like apples to apples. They’re still different types of game, but they hold enough similarities to compare some of the basics.

Bad Company 2:
+ Destructible environments. Great graphics.
+ Built around team-play.
+ Vehicles that are not tacked on.
+ Some of the best audio in a game.
+ Fun collectibles/stats.
+ Free DLC that is more than just “a few rehashed maps”.
– Short and easy single player.
– No co-op.
– Server issues (mostly fixed).

Modern Warfare 2:
+ Great graphics.
+ Built towards ‘action-shooters’ fans rather than squad.
+ Lots of unlockables for guns.
+ Co-op
+Loads of stat collectibles for those stat junkies.
– Loads of online glitches.
– Short and easy single player.
– Story is out there.
– DLC is a complete rip off.

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Why You Should Hate Stockholders

Stockholders are the scum of the earth people in the world. They’re the people that are rich and get rich quicker by trading in the stock market. They invest their not-so-hard earned cash into a company for one purpose: to get rich. Not that being rich is a bad thing. In fact, if it wasn’t for rich people, we wouldn’t have the inventions we have today. But where does being a stockholder mean you have one ounce of business sense about the product you’re investing into?

I’ve dealt with stockholders personally at one of my jobs. As a matter of fact, one of my bosses was a big trader in the stock market for our company, and he openly admitted to me that he had “no idea how [my] department works.”. Yet, he was a manager and a stockholder. This isn’t a rare case of one person. This is the majority of people. They get some cash, get enough of it, and invest in a company so they can turn $1 into $100. If it’s not doing it fast enough, then the company must be doing it wrong. At least in their minds.

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Blog Hero: When Will the Bands End?

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while, but is no one else completely sick of the ‘X Hero‘ and ‘Rock Band‘ games? Let me give you the list since these games first popped up:

Guitar Hero
Guitar Hero II
Guitar Hero III
Guitar Hero 4: World Tour
Guitar Hero 5
Guitar Hero 6 (announced)
Guitar Hero DS
Guitar Hero: 80’s
Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
Guitar Hero: Metallica
Guitar Hero: Van Halen
Band Hero
DJ Hero

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