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Jurassic Life is a sweet looking mod using the Source engine

Link to their page.

Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 680 leaks for ultra nerdgasam.

It really looks like next generation consoles are going to need to do more than release shooters. PC gaming is proving itself to come back in style. The reason I jumped back from playing PC games mainly a while back was due to DRM. Steam is the only method of DRM I’ll even allow on my computer.

This new Nvidia card proves that gaming on the PC is still the kind when it comes to quality.

Update: Here’s specs from Maximum PC.

Zelda Adventure complete mod for Minecraft

So you thought you did everything in Minecraft? Well, get ready to actually play a full complete game in Minecraft, and none other than a good looking Legend of Zelda mod! It comes with a map and an actual mod. This isn’t just a texture pack; this is the real thing. Here’s their official trailer, and then on to the good stuff such as install.

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Grand Theft Auto IV: San Andreas mod looks fantastic

When I first got Grant Theft Auto IV, I had just come off of a heavy San Andreas binge. I was hyping myself up more and more for this game due to it’s multiplayer and because, hey, it’s GTA! I was pretty disappointed in some aspects. They removed a lot of the sandbox play with your character, such as gaining weight or losing it, working out, or just getting yourself to look as close as you could to Dr. Dre as possible. A few days ago, I ran across a mod that looks promising. A conversion of GTA 4 to San Andreas? Well, sure! Why not? I’m hoping when it pulls out of beta, the game will just be a completely revamped version of San Andreas, with all of that glorious burger weight I loved so much.

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Grand Theft Auto 4’s iCEnhancer

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Star Wars Mod: Galactic Warfare Release Trailer

Go install your Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and then get your copy of this outstanding mod here.