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Terraria 1.1 out; Steam 75% off for 24-hours

Do you like Castlevania/Metroid and Minecraft? Great! Then go pick this game up. I’ve been meaning to give a short review on this title. Maybe today is a good idea to do so. Hit the jump to see what’s in patch 1.1.

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Steam Deal: Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines for only $5

Hi, kids! Do you like Deus Ex? Do you like vampires? How would you like to play a terrific role-playing game this weekend for dirt cheap? Right now, it’s $5 for the cult PC hit known as Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. It’s a mix of humor, seductive vampires, role-playing (much like that of Deus Ex), and terrific gameplay. The main reason the game is probably so underground is because Half-Life 2 was released the same time. But now, you can ignore the Amazon price listings and pay less for a great game.

Get the game on Steam right now.

Now, you might have issues with Windows 7 64-bit crashing, correct? 15MB RAM errors? Or any other issues? We’re going to go ahead and fix this. We’re also going to show you how to add widescreen support. Even with widescreen support, it’s recommended to use your video card settings to force anti-aliasing so it will remove all of those jaggies.

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