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Free Game Friday: Quest for Glory II: Trial By Fire (Remake)

AGD Interactive makes and remakes graphic adventure games that were gold to the Sierra company back in the 90s. Their first release was the remake of Roberta Williams’ King’s Quest. Unlike most of LucasArts’ adventures, Sierra’s adventures held consequences for misusing items or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. This game was remade for fans of adventure games or fans of early gaming nostalgia.

In Quest for Glory II, you’re in the land of Shapeir and now the hero throughout the land. The city is threatened by four evil elements and it’s your job to defend it since you’re the hero and all. Oh, and Shapeir’s neighboring city’s Emir Arus al-Din is missing and you’ll need to help him too. It’s a load of fictional fun and graphic adventure goodness!

Here’s their official webpage.

Free Game Friday: Pokémon3D

With the announcement of Pokémon X/Y coming to the 3DS in October, Pokémon is on people’s lips again. It’s 3D graphics, new generation of Pokémon and possibly co-op (unconfirmed, but I dream big) is a huge upgrade from the previous games. It’s what I wanted Pokémon Stadium to be: a 3D adventure Pokémon game. If you’re a Pokéfan like myself, you may also be excited to see the indie game called Pokémon3D that’s free to download from the indie scene. It’s essentially a rebuilt version of Pokémon Gold/Silver but it’s played in a 3D universe and in first person if you choose. I only discovered this after noticing the latest games update list from Xfire.

How does one obtain this gem? Simply download the client file from their Indie DB page. Don’t worry, it’s all legit. The game client is pretty well designed too and looks much like Minecraft‘s updater. Patches are automatically done with a click of a button.

Free Game Fridays: Black Mesa Source 1.0 finally released

Just in time for Free Game Fridays, Black Mesa Source finally hit the internet. Black Mesa Source is a long awaited mod for the Source engine. It’s a complete remake of the original Half-Life, up until the Xen part (which is due later).

To download, go ahead and click here. Happy gaming!

Free Game Fridays (Early Edition): Fallout

For the next 48 hours, is giving away the original Fallout for free! If you’ve never played this incredible game, now’s your change. It’s not a shooter either. It’s an isometric turn based RPG. If you thought games allowed you to make choices these days, you’ll be shocked how much you can do in this game. You can literally cripple your story line and continue playing with an ending. It’s one of the finest pieces of work ever.

Free Game Fridays: The Elder Scrolls I: Arena & II: Daggerfall

Last year, Bethesda released their classic Elder Scrolls titles for free. These two gems are much like their predecessors but with a little more freedom and a bigger scale to explore. Daggerfall is one of the biggest worlds to explore in gaming, even today.

If you’re not running on a system that supports DOS, you’ll want to use DOSBox (try a Frontend if you don’t like reading). This DOS emulator will allow you to play any classic PC game. If you’re on a Mac, I’d recommend Boxer since it’s even easier to use.

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Silent Hill 2 demake “Soundless Mountain II”

Since it’s the month of Silent Hill (I say this due to 3 Silent Hill titles this month), I decided to replace my current Katy Perry wallpaper with something from Silent Hill. Then I came across an 8-bit demake of Silent Hill 2. I haven’t yet played it, but you can play it by download it here for Windows or OSX.

Here’s some footage. Looks promising…

Free Game Fridays: Broken Sword (Director’s Cut) is doing a promotion to hit 6 million downloads from their website. Currently, they’ve already hit it but they haven’t taken away the promotion. Here’s what Good Old Games stated for the promotion:

Last week, during CD Projekt Fall 2011 Conference, we’ve launched a counter on the main page which indicated the number of unique games downloaded at Today that counter hit 6 million unique game downloads, and to celebrate this fact and to thank all of you at, together with Revolution Software, we’re lowering the price for first part of the acclaimed Broken Sword series to “free”! In order to receive the free copy of Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars free, go to the gamecard and click on “download now”, at which point the game will be added to your game shelf.

The special offer for Broken Sword is valid until October 1, at 7:59 a.m. EDT (11:59 a.m. GMT), so be sure to grab it by then and don’t forget to share the news with all your friends!!!

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Free Game Fridays: Starsiege: Tribes

Welcome to a new feature on There Will Be Blood. called “Free Game Fridays“. I’ll find the best (or worst) games every Friday that are completely free and legal to download and play. First up is a classic PC game called Starsiege: Tribes. Tribes was a king of capture the flag and vehicles back in it’s time (1998) and still has people playing today! There’s no single player, but since it’s older, it doesn’t have stupid login screens as well. It’s just as simple as downloading, picking you name, and playing. There’s several modes: Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Capture & Hold, and more. It’s terrific fun.

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