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Yakuza 6 Official Trailer

Let’s just hope this comes to the West.

Mortal Kombat X has a story trailer out. Get over here and watch it!

I was really impressed with Mortal Kombat 9‘s story. It felt as glorious as the first time my pre-teen self watched the 1995 Mortal Kombat movie, only much more violent. With less than two months to go, we’ll experience remarkable story in the MK universe. At least it seems from this trailer.

Mortal Kombat X is coming out on April 14th of this year. Be sure to jump on this hype train.

PlayStation Plus: Free Games for February 2015

Destiny’s “Flawless Raider” Trophy Completed… Finally!

After four very long and tiring nights of raiding with five other random players, we managed to get everyone through the Vault of Glass (Normal) raid without dying to be apart of the 0.2% of players who managed to get the coveted Flawless Raider trophy on PlayStation’s network. Ignore that PSN Profiles has it at a higher 2.19% since they’re only calculating that number from people that have used their site. Anyway, here’s the full raid in all it’s glory for those who want to watch from the Twitch stream.



Destiny in T-Minus 4 Days!

This isn’t an important message or anything. I just wanted to share this video everyone has seen.

Chris Seaver and friends commentary on “Conker’s Bad Fur Day”.

SimCity’s new “Honesty” trailer, or what it should be.

Have you been following the disaster of a release that is SimCity? If so, you might appreciate this trailer I made for kicks. Maxis, go home. You’re drunk.

Half-Life alpha tech demo looks so mid-90s!

Borderlands 2 gameplay footage via GiantBomb’s Quick Look

The good news? It looks just like the first one! I’m personally really excited about this release. Possibly game of the year material from the reviews.

Arma 3’s new lighting video is beautiful

This is an alpha build too, so I can only imagine the final project. You can head this way for a full report on the lighting technology from the developers themselves.