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DryvBy’s Top 50 Games of All-Time (Part 1)

I’ve wanted to compile a list of my all-time top 50 games for a while now and it seems like a snowy day like today is the best time to do this. I’m not putting a number system on my list because it’s pointless. I couldn’t place a numerical value of one game above the other in a list this big. It’s unfair to myself and unfair to my precious favorites. So here’s the first part of my list, which will continue for the next few weeks until all is completed.

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Timeless Classics: Diablo

If I had to explain the word nostalgia to someone, I’d simply explain New Years night of 1996. An action role-playing game was released a month prior known as Diablo. My dad had received the game as a gift, and Diablo just so happened to have an install spawn for multiple computers. It was just a demo for multiplayer, but still better than nothing. A friend of mine brought his computer over and we all adventured through the dungeons, hacking and slashing our way to victory. Eventually, we made our way down to the quarters of the Butcher, the first boss of the game. This is how we welcomed 1997. A night of Coca-Cola breaks, cheese and pickles, and a good old fashion LAN party.

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Timeless Classics: Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon

The Super Nintendo was, and to some it still is, king of the JRPG. From Chrono Cross to the Final Fantasy games, you had enough lengthy adventures to fill a summer vacation. However, a game that may be passed over my the general audience is the original Harvest Moon by Natsume.

Sure, the franchise is still around and is still fairly popular (at least enough to where you’ve heard the name), but hardly any of the newer series have been able to bring the magic of the original.

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Timeless Classics: Day of the Tentacle

Without remembering the classic games of long before, you often forget either how far we’ve come or how little we’ve grown. Gaming is just like going to the movies. An interactive movie. Just like Hollywood, if you don’t look back on the classics, you can feel a false feeling of joy when you watch a new movie, only to find out years later a movie has so many stolen ideas from a classic movie. Or after watching some classic films, realize that some of today’s movies are just crap. The same with gaming. Remembering the history of anything is always a good idea in not just gaming or movies, but the world’s history. You realize that things aren’t better today, just different. So without further stalling, I bring you a classic feature of mine to welcome in the new by sharing the old: “Timeless Classics“.

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