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BioShock 2…done!

I forgot I bought this game. It was taking too much time during school so I never really played it much, but today I finished it up. Not as good as the original BioShock, but definitely something that kept me entertained. I have to go back through it and finish the trophies when I’m done with all of my other games. Next game I’m working on? Sam & Max: Season 2/3, Red Faction Guerilla, and Trine. But not tonight. I’m going to see a Powerman 5000 show in Nashville, TN tonight. It sucks that I drove several miles to see them in Johnson City, TN at this “club” only to find out that they cancelled the show there. I hope Spider One lets me rant in his ear for a moment. I can’t imagine why they cancelled. The club was in a sucky city next to a Dollar General. How clubish is that?

Expect a delayed review for BioShock 2 soon…