There Will Be Blood.” is a video game news page and blog that features the collective writings (and rantings) of DryvBy, co-creator of ‘The Wet Bandits‘ gaming clan.

He’s the owner of a few websites, one featuring his awesome cousin, The Ubber Jman, and one for his dead podcast, The Dry Report. But since those are both really dead, this is the only one he’s apart of unless you count NeoGAF and Giant Bomb. He doesn’t own those.

Want to contact? Leave a comment!

Special thanks to my editor and friend, DrYvOutCM, for re-reading the reviews I don’t want to read again.

My Personal Video Game Collection (Google Sheets)

  1. Hey man . . . I noticed you saw Powerman 500 at the masquerade. Our photographer got pix that night and also got some of a band with a blonde girl singing in a white dress with 3 guys backing her up. Do you remember the lineup that night? Sadly he couldn’t stay for Powerman. Thanks for any info

  2. Sorry, I don’t. And sorry this took near 2 years to reply to.

  3. awesomelyffeoptin

    Hey Dryvby, I saw that you left a review within the amazon Pokemon category and clicked on your amazon profile.

    The reason I am e-mailing you today is because I wrote a kindle book under a pen name that you would probably enjoy reading and reviewing that is a guide on Pokemon GO.

    I would be happy to send you a free copy in exchange for an honest review!

    Can you do it?


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