July 2015: Batman: Arkham Knight, Rocket League, Final Fantasy XIV, King’s Quest, and more.

I only completed one game last night-Batman: Arkham Knight-and obtained a Platinum trophy. Yes, I did all of those stupid Riddler “challenges”. And by challenges, I mean a total waste of time. I noticed once I finished a set of these puzzles on one island, the other islands were almost identical. It was just more of the same. But I did finish the game and I loved it for the most part.

Batman: Arkham Knight

As stated before, I finished the game this month and loved it. I plan on writing a review, even though I haven’t written a review in ages. If you’ve played the Arkham series before, you know what to expect in terms of combat, puzzles, and it’s dark story. The introduction of the Batmobile is the biggest change in the Arkham Knight game. It’s a combination of a fast vehicle that turns into a tank in an instant by pressing a button. How’s it handle? Depends on who you ask. I didn’t have a problem with it at all, but there’s enough complaints about the Batmobile online either through reviews or community threads.

The new Batman game has a very mature setting in the later part of the game. The games were rated Teen before, even though I personally have always thought of them as mature games. But this one kicks it up a notch in terms of pure violence. I can’t really discuss too much on this without revealing some spoilers, but trust me when I say it’s a darker game.

And wouldn’t you know that right after I finish the game, they announce a 1989 Batman costume and skin for the Batmobile? Maybe I’ll pick up the season pass on a sale and go through the game for a third time.

Oh, yes. That’s right. I finished the game two times. That’s a requirement for the Platinum trophy. New Game + was more of a headache as they remove the indications of someone hitting you. So you really have to pay attention to the animations instead of wait for the colored indicators above their heads. But I really didn’t run into too many issues. There was only a section towards the end that was a headache to go through. Overall, my Bat-skills are amazing.

Rocket League

PlayStation 4’s free games last month included Rocket League. I originally would have ignored this game as it’s gameplay involves driving cars and playing sports; two things I’d never think would be enjoyable. But since it was free and people on NeoGAF were praising it to the high heavens, I decided to give it a shot. I was in love the instant I started driving around and hit this giant futuristic ball. It just felt so polished and well done.

A few of my friends and I have played a lot of multi-player. We’re not really competitive in a lot of games. We just try to have fun. We’re not pulling off amazing shots with skill (just luck). We’re just having fun. I’ll probably support this game through DLC in the future, as long as I continue to play.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

I’ve owned this on PlayStation 4 since it dropped but after my month, I cancelled it. I didn’t have anyone to play with on my server. One of my friend’s recently moved and wanted to get into an MMO after we played The Elder Scrolls Online for a bit this month too. So after a week, I’ve managed to hit level 25 in one class and level 10 in another. It’s also the first time I’ve sat down as a mage for longer than a few hours in an RPG. I love armor and swords, so I never wander too far from that.

The differences that I’ve noticed between World of WarCraft aren’t night and day, but it’s a new setting and a change in some instances. A couple of major points of interests is the marriage system. My wife is playing with us and we’re going to try this out. You can actually schedule a time to get married on your server. No one else can get married during that time, and there’s a legit ceremony. Another difference is that you can have one character that’s a jack of all trades. In Final Fantasy, you level up jobs instead of classes. It fits perfectly well in their universe. The last big change I’ve noticed so far is how there’s a main story quest that you can follow along. I’ll admit. I’ve been skipping every instance of story so I could hit the end level. But I have plans on going to an inn and watching the major events of the game so I have a reason to buy the expansion.

Onechanbara Z2 Chaos

What in the world is this game? I’m a group of bikini-clad ninjas chopping up vampires and zombies using a variety of weapons. And included in the physical edition, I’m a group of NSFW fruit wearing ninjas. Yes. That’s a banana and set of strawberries as a way to censor the naughty bits. Oh, Japan!

But ignoring the obviously overly sexualized nature of this series, the game is actually a lot of fun. It’s an action game much like Bayonetta or Dyntasty Warriors, just with bikinis and over-the-top gore. It’s biggest problem is that it’s a short game. I think I’ve seen that the entire game is only 3 hours long. But the replayability is strong, so I’ve heard. I’m enjoying the game so far, which is all that matters.

It’s nothing of a masterpiece, but more of a B-tier game. I’m fine with B-tier games. They’re something I’ve missed having in my library.

King’s Quest

Admittedly I bought this game on August 1st, but I’m leaving it in my July update. The day I saw a trailer for the episodic game and that Roberta Williams was going to be involved. While it looked a lot different from it’s grass roots, it also looked very familiar.

Last night, I ended up playing to the half-way point of the first episode with my wife. She enjoyed the writing and the art style so far while I enjoyed those plus the sense of nostalgia while playing as the would-be king Graham. I grew up with Sierra’s hardcore adventure games and Graham’s adventures were how we spent a few Friday nights as a family while I was growing up.

It’s not the traditional point-and-click adventure games, but it’s a lot better than the Telltale versions of adventure games. And really, it’s better than old adventure games since it is a much more straight forward idea of what you should be doing instead of guessing what strange logic the creator had in mind. It feels like the evolution of graphic adventures. I’m hoping this style becomes a trend and copied in the use of Double Fine’s adventures and even Telltale’s games.

Welcome back to my heart, Sierra!

I also picked up Tembo the Badass Elephant, Phantom Breaker, Tetris Ultimate, and Doom Classic Complete on PSN. I haven’t played enough of these to really give a solid opinion. But maybe I’ll get to these in August since nothing is coming out aside from a few indies and Until Dawn.

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