Sam and Max: Stress Release Police (and various other updates)

I’ve been dealing with a lot of stress/anxiety recently and how I’ve been coping with it is playing adventure games thanks to Telltale’s older games. You know, back when they made real point-and-click adventure games. One series that I particularly love is Steve Purcell’s Sam and Max adventures. If you’re unfamiliar with the series, it’s about two anthropomorphic freelance detectives that solve ridiculous crimes. Like stopping a psychic hippy from taking over the world with soda jerks. That sort of crime.

I never got around to finishing season 3 of their weird adventures. Not because I didn’t want to. I just forgot about it. So over the weekend I finally finished The Devil’s Playhouse (and unlocking every trophy on the way). It’s the best thing Telltale has ever done in the adventure gaming department. A creative and captivating story mixed in with a host of lovable characters. Even the villains have attributes that are hard to hate. I plan on writing a review soon. Another part of ridding my stress is to go back to what I enjoyed doing for so many years: writing.

I’ve been using this blog to post amusing game-related videos and reviews for the past year or so. I have several unfinished reviews sitting in my draft folder, waiting to be edited and uploaded. But over the past year, I’ve been having horrific depression, anxiety, and stress that I haven’t been able to deal with. Work. Education. Death. Career choices. Feeling like a crazed loon. The typical reasons you feel depressed.

But enough of my problems. There’s hope! I’m fixing my life. Part of that is going to my roots. I love writing. I love reviewing video games. I love technology. And I love playing video games. I’m going to try and continue my writing hobby to it’s fullest again. Just be prepared for more updates like I used to when I was on Gamespot and Giant Bomb.

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