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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for February 2015

Destiny’s “Flawless Raider” Trophy Completed… Finally!

After four very long and tiring nights of raiding with five other random players, we managed to get everyone through the Vault of Glass (Normal) raid without dying to be apart of the 0.2% of players who managed to get the coveted Flawless Raider trophy on PlayStation’s network. Ignore that PSN Profiles has it at a higher 2.19% since they’re only calculating that number from people that have used their site. Anyway, here’s the full raid in all it’s glory for those who want to watch from the Twitch stream.



Rumor: Kingdom Hearts III’s release date leaked.

Yes. September 2015! The guy who leaked this (NeoGAF member, BananasWithGuns) date is also the same individual that leaked Metro Redux’s release date. So it must be true, right? I’m going with “yes”. Sorry this is all the info I have.