Drunk dude on PlayStation’s The Playroom strips his wife on Twitch.tv live.

I’m an active member of NeoGAF, which according to the internet, is a cesspool of angry nerds. One of the threads that was started was in support of a guy streaming The Playroom from his PlayStation 4 on Twitch.tv. The Playroom is a free game for those who bought the camera system with a robot and his minigames. A PlayStation gamer known as SpartanM decided to use this service to show off his modded DualShock 4 controller to include the analog sticks from the DualShock 3. The stream took off and he managed to create a live call-in talk show called The Spartan Show. It went so well that Adam Boyes from Sony called in to congratulate SpartanM and his wife on being creative with the broadcast. Shuhei Yoshida, Sony’s president of Worldwide Studios, even tweeted that he was watching. It was a really interesting experience.

Shortly after, more people began broadcasting themselves “playing” the game and creating their own talk shows. But with that also comes the weirdness of the internet. NeoGAF shortly posted a link about a guy drinking whiskey with his wife on a couch. They had just started broadcasting and I wanted to get these guys to check out NeoGAF. It was such a fun experience with these two because they were drinking and reading the chat out loud on camera, sometimes replying. One thing was certain: he was not a fan of “Neo Jaf”. His channel views quickly went to over 500 views. I stayed in his channel for a really long time, asking him various stupid questions to get him to answer, and I started addressing him as Al Bundy and his red-headed wife as Peggy Bundy. Things were fun with this racist guy from Austin, Texas up until some people begged his wife to show off her feet. And then she took her shoes off and started showing off her feet. Eh, kind of weird. She was also stumbling around when they’d go smoke. I thought things were going to get pretty weird, so I quit out and just went to bed.

This morning while getting ready for work, I checked out the Drudge Report and saw that the couple was on Drudge’s site for apparently stripping his wife naked while she passed out drunk. Shocked this happened? Nope. Things were already getting weird with the foot fetish stuff. Apparently, he pulled her breasts out while she was passed out and chatted with viewers for another 15 minutes for turning the camera off. When the camera came back on, she was completely naked on the couch until the channel was banned.

Now, my opinion on this is that the couple saw celebrity status of SpartanM and wanted to be that couple that was the first to become popular for getting naked through the PlayStation camera. There’s a saying in Austin called “Keep Austin Weird”. They were just following their city’s motto.

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