Battlefield 4 (Pre-patch Review)


My most anticipated launch title for the PlayStation 4 was Battlefield 4. And now that it’s out, I want to return it and get something less broken. This is a review for the game before the patch but I felt I needed to get a warning out for excited Battlefield fans: this game rarely works currently. I’m not just talking about the multiplayer either. The single player is bugged as well. If you happen to crash (which you probably will), you’ll be treated with a nice message about your save file being corrupted. It’s a bit disappointing given the hype they put out for it. Is it sad that I’m actually loving Call of Duty: Ghosts more than this? At least the game runs and works correctly, regardless of the resolution patch it needed right at the start.

When the game isn’t crashing, I was able to try out the party chat with friends to get ready for some epic… team deathmatch. That’s because currently the Conquest modes are all busted which is the best mode in the Battlefield series. In the menu, they’ve managed to remove key elements in the game that make it easier to join as a group online. No more party mode (yet). That means you have to join a friend’s game in the multiplayer menu and then hope you’re on the same team. But that’s not all! You’re more than likely not even going to join your friend’s game because that menu is messed up too. Today, the one time I got into a game it just quit after moving around. See the video below:

Stay away from Battlefield 4. It’s a broken mess right now, even on PC and current gen systems. EA is promising a patch next week. In other words, this game isn’t coming out until next week.

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