Monthly Archives: January 2013

Free Game Friday: Pokémon3D

With the announcement of Pokémon X/Y coming to the 3DS in October, Pokémon is on people’s lips again. It’s 3D graphics, new generation of Pokémon and possibly co-op (unconfirmed, but I dream big) is a huge upgrade from the previous games. It’s what I wanted Pokémon Stadium to be: a 3D adventure Pokémon game. If you’re a Pokéfan like myself, you may also be excited to see the indie game called Pokémon3D that’s free to download from the indie scene. It’s essentially a rebuilt version of Pokémon Gold/Silver but it’s played in a 3D universe and in first person if you choose. I only discovered this after noticing the latest games update list from Xfire.

How does one obtain this gem? Simply download the client file from their Indie DB page. Don’t worry, it’s all legit. The game client is pretty well designed too and looks much like Minecraft‘s updater. Patches are automatically done with a click of a button.

Half-Life alpha tech demo looks so mid-90s!

Jurassic Life is a sweet looking mod using the Source engine

Link to their page.