20 retro multiplayer games perfect for XBLA/PSN/Wii/Steam

With the recently released Double Dragon: Neon hitting the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, it’s about time to go over some much needed love in the retro field of gaming. There’s a few dozen and more of untouched multiplayer games that are absolutely perfect for re-release. I’ve compiled a list of games that I loved playing growing up, and then some. If you have any games you’d really love to see on these markets (and Steam), throw a comment below. Discovering new-old games is something all gamers should embrace.

Road Rash was a load of fun back in the day. I played all of the games on the Sega Genesis, and eventually moved on to the PlayStation versions. Electronic Arts tried to keep the series alive they way EA usually tries to keep things alive. Ultimately, they killed the series. Or the market for violent racing fell under their feet. Either way, Road Rash hasn’t been a name on people’s lips in a very long time.

The premise of the game was to race and win – by any means necessary. You would pick your weapons and beat the living crap out of anyone the you pulled up next too, including the police. The police would try to beat you off your bike and if they managed to knock you off, you were arrested and your character was done racing. The races were pretty long too. Not only were you dodging the police and the swinging chains of other racers, but you had to make sure you weren’t running into cars. Your bike would eventually overheat if too much damage was taken and well, that’s all she wrote.

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  1. Hey Lin glad to hear you are resting. We send our love via the inretnet. You and your family are in our prayers. Thank you Katie for posting.

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