What if Diablo III was too hardcore?

So many gamers on different websites are full of whining about Diablo III‘s difficulty. Sure, the game is really hard. In Hell difficulty, you’re going to run into mobs that vortex (pull you closer to them), have near impossible to break shields, invulnerability, and molten lava footprints. That’s not even near the difficulty of mobs in Inferno.  But as Blizzard has stated recently, it’s all because you guys aren’t getting the gear you need. That goes for me too. I have yet to beat Inferno, much like everyone else. But I do have an idea for what would make Diablo III the most frustrating game in the entire world, making most of the posts about it being “too hard” absolutely true. Hardcore mode would still be the way it is. But then there would be Realistic mode.

In Realistic mode, the game is a bit too realistic. You start off with no weapons, heading to New Tristram to do whatever it is you do. Since you have no armor, you must avoid fighting until you get to town. If you’re bit by a zombie during a fight, you’ll have hours, maybe minutes to live until your character is completely killed off. Game over. Unlike Hardcore mode, when you die in Realistic mode, you actually lose access to play with your current game key. This means you must actually buy the game again. It’s not very realistic to die and start a new life, right? I guess, technically, zombies aren’t real… or are they? Anyway, we have to at least do something in this game unless you just want something like Simsablo. So, hopefully, you’ll never encounter this:

…which means go buy a new copy of the game.

Seems a bit too hardcore? Well, don’t worry. It gets better. If you do survive your first small encounter, you’re welcomed into town. There’s an inn in New Tristram, right? That’s for sleeping. You must actually have your character in the inn and he must sleep for 8 hours to be fully rested for battle. If you rest under that, you have a undisclosed chance to be sluggish and your stamina is drained. Not sleeping for days will result in death. Couldn’t you just leave your computer in game while you sleep? Sure, and that’s what realistic mode would want you to do. But don’t think you’re too smart! Going to work while your character sleeps may result in massive headaches or fatigue from oversleeping, if you’re not back by your tenth hour.

Use orally.

Speaking of headaches, what’s more realistic than disease and sickness. All of those germs busting out of enemies must cause some sort of sickness to occur, right? At some points, you’re standing in a vat of poison. Standing in a vat of poison has an undisclosed chance of causing your character to become infected with a disease, which can also cause a very rare chance for you to die over time. If you’re diseased, your character must head to town and buy medicine. You can continue to battle after, but you have even more chance to become fatigued. You may just want your character to take his medicine, drink lots of fluids, and stay at the inn until you’re all better.

Inventory is now limited to weight, just like in The Elder Scrolls and Dungeon & Dragons games. Unlike those games, your character cannot carry around hundreds of pounds, you’ll only be able to carry around a certain amount of trashy magicals with you. Instead, you can buy a wheel barrel. You can fill it up like a bag, but you better hope a mob doesn’t break the thing. You’d have to travel back to town and buy a new one.

Food and fluids will be needed as well, for the same reasons as above. You will have to drink lots of water throughout the game and eat food three times a day. You’ll be able to check a protein counter in your inventory screen. Water is the most efficient way to survive and rehydrate. However, vendors will sell you different alternatives to water. These items are sponsored by companies and have great real life effects. Every time you drink a Cola-Cola “health potion”, you’ll be able to generate some in-game gold until their logo runs out (see below). There’s no real health benefit to drinking sodas, but getting sponsor money seems realistic. As a matter of fact, nothing you do can truly heals you aside from visiting the “was before” useless blessing people in towns. Now they’re surgeons and they’ll patch you up. Much like everything else in real life, there’s a chance you can die on the operating table. Operations also require time to heal.

Delicious and refreshing. But has a 1% chance to cause sickness.

Something I’m personally excited about is the different traits your character will randomly generate right off the bat or over time. Just by creating a character, you’ll have passive skills automatically selected for you that cause your character to be truly unique. Allergies, for example. You’ll actually have to keep an eye on the allergy bar if you’re chosen for this cruel fate. Walking around outside may give you a 15% chance to randomly stun yourself due to a heavy sneeze.

Town portals are eliminated. That’s not very realistic. You must walk everywhere. It sucks but at least it’s realistic.

Real life money must be spent to acquire certain items. These usually come from your higher end merchants that want to sell you stuff instead of barter. You can easily distinguish which markets are setup to accept gold and which are setup for real life cash only. Usually the “cash only” merchants are named “Bob of Wal-mart” or “Karen, the Hot Topic Manager”. With real life money spent, you get a huge benefit. You can actually return items to these venders within 14 real life days! There’s only a few restrictions. You have to pay a 15% restocking fee if the item was used. You also have to have your receipt. Much like real life, you have a 30% chance of losing the receipt just by walking around.

What about multiplayer? To make the game still a game, we need to have a way for people to jump in. We’ll keep that in. They still can’t teleport back to you. Instead, they must run around until they find you. When they do, you better hope you know them. All characters will have the ability to murder you and/or rob you. If they rob you, you may actually lose real life money too. But hey, just hope they don’t murder you. The best thing to do is if someone chats, “Gimme your money!”, you better just trade them all the stuff you have and let them run off with your wheel barrel full of goodies. It’s not worth dying over.

Now, some of you may be laughing because the idea seems stupid or impossible. Some of you might be asking about magical characters and monsters. Will they be in there? Of course. Because those things are realistic. There’s been many reports of monster sightings and real life magic, even movies based on these matters. And movies never lie to me.

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