Can’t wait for Diablo III? Here’s some clones to tide you over!

You’ve waited twelve years, what’s another fifteen days? Well, it’s fifteen days! By now, any fan has already got a taste of that delicious Diablo sauce via Blizzard’s open beta weekend. I’ve been playing for a couple of months now. I can safely say that I’ve already seen vast improvements from when I first started. We can make any excuse we want to about what’s not to like and what’s to like about the direction the Diablo series has taken. Good or bad, the action-RPG genre if far and few in terms of pure action and role-playing. Or at least, in terms of quality.

And for the most part, Diablo III is faithful to the same gameplay style. Sure, the health orbs are a little stupid. The town portal drops are different. Stat picking is nonexistent. There’s not a ton of semi-useful crap that clutters your inventory. Multiplayer is limited to 4 players. But whatever the case may be, Diablo III at least is faithful in the fun hacking and slashing and looting mechanics that it’s predecessor is known for.

Since it’s still a few days until release, you might be feeling an itch that can’t be scratched right now. But don’t fret! This list of good Diablo-clones may just about do the trick.

*Warning videos may be NSFW due to language.

I reviewed Titan Quest a while back. It’s one of my favorite Diablo-clones and one of the highest quality clones on this list. It’s a linear action-RPG with several different settings. There’s also a good amount of loot to be found. If you want to check it out now, you can always just buy it (and the expansion) on Steam for pretty cheap. Under $20 at least.

Sacred: Gold isn’t a 100% pure clone. It has mounts, the land is massive and very open, and there’s not really acts like there is in Diablo. Still, it’s the same overall gameplay. The mutliplayer is a bit massive compared to others as well. Lastly, the level cap is insane. Steam and offers this game for cheap.

Nox was created by Westwood Studios before Diablo II hit the market. It offers Diablo gameplay (not as much looting) but sadly, only has PvP for multiplayer. Still, if you just want to have a blast in a single-player game, this might be the game to hold you over.

Torchlight is actually from the crew that brought you the original Diablo. If you’re a Diablo fan, chances are you’ve already bought this. It lacks multiplayer, but it keeps faithful to the Diablo series. Again, probably because it’s from the makers of the original. This title can also be purchased on Xbox Live if you’d prefer that. Also, Torchlight 2 is sometime this year too, which may be more like Diablo II than Diablo III.

Revenant is old, much like Nox. It also doesn’t have any multiplayer. There’s more of a story to the game too. But it’s very much an isometric hack-and-slash adventure. You might actually have to buy this one on Amazon or look somewhere in the dark corners of the internet for it. doesn’t offer anything nor does Steam.

A lot of Diablo fans do not consider Dungeon Siege I & II as a real clone. It has much slower paced action than Diablo, but aside from that, it’s the same gameplay. I & II are great games but if you really want to throw up, you can try out III.

Dark Stone is also available on the original PlayStation. Yes, it’s old. It’s one of the original clones of the series as well. However, it’s in that late 90s 3D. You might not enjoy it if you didn’t play games around that time.

Throne of Darkness is Sierra’s answer to Diablo. Unlike most clones that are based around Western fantasy settings, Throne of Darkness is set in Asia.

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