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Can’t wait for Diablo III? Here’s some clones to tide you over!

You’ve waited twelve years, what’s another fifteen days? Well, it’s fifteen days! By now, any fan has already got a taste of that delicious Diablo sauce via Blizzard’s open beta weekend. I’ve been playing for a couple of months now. I can safely say that I’ve already seen vast improvements from when I first started. We can make any excuse we want to about what’s not to like and what’s to like about the direction the Diablo series has taken. Good or bad, the action-RPG genre if far and few in terms of pure action and role-playing. Or at least, in terms of quality.

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Review: Silent Hill: Downpour

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Dead or Alive 5 trailer released

Free Game Fridays (Early Edition): Fallout

For the next 48 hours, is giving away the original Fallout for free! If you’ve never played this incredible game, now’s your change. It’s not a shooter either. It’s an isometric turn based RPG. If you thought games allowed you to make choices these days, you’ll be shocked how much you can do in this game. You can literally cripple your story line and continue playing with an ending. It’s one of the finest pieces of work ever.