Take-Two will shut down NBA 2K11 servers after 13 months from launch.

No more of this online, 2K11 fans.

Obviously to boost sales, 2K Sports will be shutting down NBA 2K11‘s online servers for good only after 13 months. Why? Because NBA 2K12 wasn’t near as good as 2K11. Instead of fixing their game, they decide to force online b-ball fans to jump ship and move to the next thing. 2K10 servers were shut down after 15 months, while 2K9 servers were up for over two years. This is one of the reasons I hate, hate, HATE game companies not allowing private servers in their games. P2P play should be allowed, but whatever. They can’t force you into the next “great thing” the old way online games used to be. And for anyone thinking it’s the cost of servers, think again. On Steam (or whatever), you can buy an obsolete game called Earth 2160 and still play online. It’s old and hasn’t had people play on it for years. However, you can log-in and join their servers. Weird, huh?

For more information, here’s the source material.

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