World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria details and trailer.

If you’ve already quit playing World of WarCraft, you might want to reconsider. The new expansion is featuring tons of new content and of course, the infamous WarCraft panda. Before we drop into the list of goodies that’s going to blow your mind, check out the trailer.

I’m going to give credit to where it’s due. GamesRadar published an outstanding list of all the features. You can visit the direct link here or just read below.

Content of Pandaria

-5 new zones across a single unified continent
-Influenced by Asian landscape
-Auction house, bank and central questing hub will be available in Pandaria
-No flying until max level

Lore of Pandaria

-The continent has been around for a long time, shrouded since the Sundering
-Alliance and Horde wash up on the shores after a naval battle
-Lush land full of resources, outsiders want to take advantage and destroy the land

The Wander Isle

-A start zone that is on the back of a giant sea turtle
-Turtle left Pandaria 10,000 years ago and has been growing since
-Pandarens with wanderlust have left on the back of the turtle
-First neutral characters, don’t pick faction until level 10

Creatures of Pandaria

-Jinyu: fishlike creatures, walk upright, considered the wise men on Pandaria, can hear what the land in saying with the staff, see them across multiple zones
-Hozu: monkeylike race, stand on their hind legs, mischievous, plays pranks, see them everywhere
-Verming: the new kobold, straggly-looking cross between rat and rabbit, carries a makeshift weapon that combines a few kitchen utensils
-Mantid: Insectlike race that are polished, intelligent. Can be found in dungeons, and there will be whole raids revolving on these guys
-Mogu: the original ancient race on Pandaria who want the place back for themselves. Large, beefy, magical creatures
-Sha: The Sha are the manifestation of negative energy on Pandaria. When the Horde and Alliance arrive, Sha energy released into the land creates a shadowlike creature


The Jade Forest

-Horde will wash up on north side of zone, Alliance to the south
-A unified start zone and meet up in the middle
-Lush rainforests and stone spires
-Meet Hozu and Jinyu
-Dungeon Temple of the Jade Serpent is located here

Valley of the Four Winds

-Two zones in one
-Stormstout brewery – new dungeon
-The Mantid will be here


-Burly creatures
-Females look the same except that they have a bow on their head, come in various colors
-Pandaren classes: Hunter, Mage, Monk, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warrior, Paladin, warlock
-No Panda Death knight, Druid

Pandaren Racial

-Epicurean: increase the stat benefits from food by 100%
-Gourmand: cooking skill increased by 15
-Inner peace: your rested experience bonus lasts twice as long, sounds powerful but it supposedly isn’t
-Bouncy: takes 50% less falling damage
-Quaking palm: you touch a secret pressure point on enemy target and put it to sleep for 3 seconds

Three paths for Monk

-Brewmaster – tank
-Mistweaver – healer (healer that can stand up as a tank)
-Windwalker – melee (dps)
-Very martial arts based with different stances

-Monk races include Draenei, Dwarf, Gnome, Human, Night Elf, Pandaren, Blood elf, Orc, Tauren, Troll, Undead
-No Worgen, Goblin monks

-Monk equipment include one handed axes, macs, swords
-Hit with hands and feet, need weapon for finishes, staves and fist weapons
-Leather armor

Monk resources

-Chi energy (regenerates) used for jab and roll
-Light and dark force
-No auto attack, push a button to see an animation, Street Fighter feel

Talents 2.0

-Now have class abilities
-Choose talents
-Multiple specialization


-Choose spec at 10, get additional specs later (every 10 levels)
-Talents – no talent points or ranks, one talent tree per class, earn talents every 15 levels
-Choose 1 of 3 talents – the one you like the most
-No mandatory talents
-Change talents as easily as glyphs

PVE Scenario

-Short instances for a 3 players
-A staged experience broken into three parts
-Can be an introductory scenario for a level 10 group or level 90
-No player collision
-Replace group quests
-Queue and go like dungeon finder
-No role requirements = short queues
-One of the many options to earn valor points

Challenge mode dungeons

-Complete a dungeon in x minutes -time trial version
-Earn bronze silver and gold medals
-Gear levels are normalized, sweet looking gear with no stats
-Bragging rights and leaderboards

Pet battle system

-Collect level and battle with companion pets
-Accessible to all players
-Works with almost every pet
-Ton of new pets to collect
-Customization includes naming your pets, giving items, special abilities
-Pet journal to organize and customize your pet
-Works with most existing pets
-Wild pets – find them out in the world, engage in battle using the pet you have to add to your collection
-Pet journal to manage your pets
-Certain wild pets only found during certain weather, season and will spawn during a certain time of day
-Most pets will be tradable
-Account wide pets
-Win battles to earn experience
-Learn new abilities, 3 abilities at one time, learn 6 total
-Increase stats, level multiple pets to build a team, within the journal, look at your team
-PVE and PVP battles
-Turn-based combat
-Fight with a team of 3
-Queueing system – pit you against team within the same range


-9 new dungeons for Mists of Pandaria, 6 across Pandaria
-Heroic updates of classic favorites such as Scholomance and Scarlet Monastery
-Scarlet Monastery will have Wings 1 and 2, two separate wings, each with their own bosses
-New layout, new bosses, easier to navigate


-3 new epic raids
-Feature two new enemy races: Mogu and Mantid
-Raid finder will have normal & difficulties
-World raid bosses return


-Increased focus on max level content
-Multiple hubs
-Incentives for dungeons / raiders – get a buff for doing a daily quests, which will increase chance of special loot
-More quest choices, less linear
-Faction improvements – more ways to earn the items they want


-New battlegrounds
-Stranglethorn Diamond Mines – Payload style gameplay, escort mine cars to depot, multiple tracks to take
-First team to x resources wins
-Valley of power – Murderball where person holding the object in specific zone earns points. Multiple point zones, object does damage to holder and damage increases over time.
-Azshara Crater – DOTA
-New arena – Tol’vir proving grounds
-Tol’vir proving grounds, located in Uldum, simple layout based on Nagrand arena


-Account level achievements, shared across characters
-Introduce new achievements

Major class changes

-Treat resilience as a base stat to help with PVP using PVE gear
-Ranged weapons – hunter minimum range is gone, hunter melee weapon gone, ranged slot for all others gone
-Relics gone
-Rogue and warrior can throw weapon
-Wands become main hand weapons
-Warlocks – unique resource for every spec
-Affliction – soul shards
-Demonology – demonic fury (metamorphosize once demonic fury is max)
-Destruction – infernal embers
-Shaman – buff totems gone, all totems are utility
-Druids – always felt like they have 4 specs, now they do
-Feral cat (melee dps), guardian bear (tanking), some overlap between the two

For All Classes

-Spell books cleaned up
-Rotations improved
-Automatically learn spells
-New spells
-Specs more developed
-Talent trees should be fun

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