Ars Technica “journalist” crusades against Sony…again.

Remember back in April when Sony was attacked by hackers and everyone got free crap a month and some days later? Well, Ars Technica gaming journalist, , showed his anti-Sony bias that day, constantly posting  his hatred for the company any chance he could. He’s been on the anti-Sony crusade for a long time. Recently, he posted about how Uncharted 3’s promo with Subway “cheapened” the game experience, yet failed to mention that promotional Subway effects were going to be removed after the game was released.

In reality, Ben is very much a gaming troll than a journalist. I’ve posted about his articles before but this morning, he managed to make even his fanboys upset at his blatant hatred for Sony. The original headline for this article was something to the effect of “PSN breached again”. After users called Mr. Kuchera out on this, he said he could see the point and changed it.

Stay classy, Ben!

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