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Battlefield 3 has major issues if you’re on a 4GB (or smaller) Xbox 360

I’m mainly a PC / PlayStation 3 gamer these days, but I feel really bad for no-hard drive Xbox 360 users right now. Battlefield 3 is my ‘shooter of the year’ so far due to it’s compelling gameplay and gorgeous sounds/graphics. I’d sing a different song if I had a new Xbox 360 Slim 4GB model or no hard drive at all.

If you managed to get the game and had etiquette space, you’re never going to see these low resolution effects. I’m didn’t know they existed until I read why people were hating on Battlefield 3, outside of the tools who think competition against Call of Duty is a bad thing. What you’re about to see is the difference between installed textures vs. streaming from the disc. It may hurt your eyes.

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World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria details and trailer.

If you’ve already quit playing World of WarCraft, you might want to reconsider. The new expansion is featuring tons of new content and of course, the infamous WarCraft panda. Before we drop into the list of goodies that’s going to blow your mind, check out the trailer.

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Pre-Order Deal: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

If you were waiting to pick up Skyrim for some stupid reason, then here’s just another incentive to purchase day one. Newegg has a promotion that ends on Monday to pick it up for $47.99 on day one. Here’s some links to purchase: PC | PlayStation 3 | Xbox 360. Once you’re checking out, make sure to put in this promo code: EMCYTZT852

Minecraft Project: Planet Earth 1:1

So, people have finally made it possible to scale the entire planet Earth in Minecraft to a (somewhat) 1:1 scale. Here’s what the creators had to say:

“The world is fully playable (includes ores, trees, etc). Elevation has been scaled to fit the constraints of a Minecraft world. Sea level was adjusted to 40 blocks which puts Mt. Everest at 121 blocks high. The Earth was generated with various images from NASA (including landmass, satellite, elevation, and vegetation maps) using a custom python script incorporating codewarrior’s pymclevel python library.”

It’s a hefty file, but here you go. Enjoy not doing anything productive for a week to a month.

RAGE: A collection of easter eggs

I’m almost done with RAGE so I can get the review up. While playing, I’ve ran into a few really cool easter eggs throughout and luckily, they’re all on YouTube now. This means they’re also on here now. First up, we have a lovely throwback to id’s grandfather shooter, Wolfesntein 3D. Let’s watch!

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Best Zerg Strategy Ever?

StarCraft II just blew my mind again!

Official FAQ: Batman: Arkham City

Rocksteady Studios
Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Release Dates:
NA: October 18, 2011
JP: November 23, 2011
EU: October 21, 2011

Platforms: Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U
Graphics Engine: Unreal Engine 3
Patches: none

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“Sonic Generations” Dreamcast Era Trailer

Me Gusta.

Ars Technica “journalist” crusades against Sony…again.

Remember back in April when Sony was attacked by hackers and everyone got free crap a month and some days later? Well, Ars Technica gaming journalist, , showed his anti-Sony bias that day, constantly posting  his hatred for the company any chance he could. He’s been on the anti-Sony crusade for a long time. Recently, he posted about how Uncharted 3’s promo with Subway “cheapened” the game experience, yet failed to mention that promotional Subway effects were going to be removed after the game was released.

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