Official FAQ: RAGE

Developer: id Software
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Release Dates:
NA: October 4, 2011
AUS: October 6, 2011
EU: October 7, 2011

Platforms: Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Graphics Engine: id Tech 5
Patches: none

RAGE is a post-apocalyptic game from the makers of Quake and DOOM. It is NOT a Fallout-clone. It features a brand new gaming engine called id Tech 5. For a basic summary of the most well-known feature of the engine, it has a feature called “MegaTexture” that gives resolutions for a texture to be 128,000 x 128,000 pixels, or 20GB texture data.

RAGE is a first-person shooter with driving elements. It has very basic RPG elements as well, such as an inventory and different ammo types for each gun. Players will also be able to customize their guns. The game itself is based around racing (similar to that of MotorStorm) and shooting mutants. Expect a good level of blood, and a perfected shotgun. That’s something id games are always known for.

As to keep the story in tact and spoiler free, the game is based in 2029 after a meteor hits earth. That’s why everything is dusty.

There Will Be Blood. (Not Up Yet)

Destructoid – 7/10
RAGE is fast food, the kind of fast food that looks much more satisfying on the menu than it does once served. It’s tasty, for sure, but you’ll be starving almost as soon as you’ve finished. By no means is RAGE not worth your time — it looks stunning, the combat on both wheels and foot is fun, and there’s a tremendous sense of atmosphere that deserves to be experienced. However, RAGE‘s quality only makes its lack of ambition more painful in the long run, as it could easily have been better than it is. It’s a good game, most definitely, and one that id fans will enjoy … just don’t expect it to do half of what it looks like it can do.” –Jim Sterling

Eurogamer – 8/10
“Judged on game design and content, then, it’s slightly anachronistic, but as a toy box full of things you can only do in games, Rage is warm-hearted and refreshing. It’s not going to change the world, but it does serve as a timely reminder of that other thing id Software games always did besides smashing through some new technological barrier. They made shooting things fun, and it’s nice to have that back. .” -Tom Bramwell

Gamesradar – 8/10
“Rage is many things: open-world driving and racing game, meticulously designed first-person shooter, stunning realization of a living post-apocalyptic wasteland, and it does all of these things well. It ends just as the party is really getting going, but even the pre-party is fantastic.” -Matthew Keast

Giant Bomb – 4/5
“Rage won’t set new standards for game design, but if you want to drive and shoot in an incredible-looking wasteland, this is your game. ” -Brad Shoemaker

IGN – 8.5/10
“A visually stunning, relatively safe shooter from id Software.” -Charles Onyett

Joystiq – 3/5
“There’s just not a lot of “there” there – my first playthrough, which included every side-mission and several job board assignments, took me 9 hours and 15 minutes. My second, where I completed every side-mission, every job board assignment, every courier mission, and most of the races, took eight hours and 50 minutes. RAGE ends so abruptly that I didn’t realize it was over until the final cutscene began. I was left wondering what had happened.” -Arthur Gies

Ars Technica – Skip
“The best games are created when a team is passionate about some aspect of the experience: be it the lead character, the setting, the story, or a new game mechanic. There is nothing about the characters, setting, story, or mechanics in Rage that’s interesting, new, exciting, or fun. It feels like a group of people had to create a game because they were under contract, not because they honestly enjoyed any aspect of their own creation. This is a great tech demo for the engine, and that’s all. It’s merely competent, but never special.” – Ben Kuchera

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