Battlefield 3 open beta on 9/29

Did you ever play Medal of Honor, the modern warfare edition that came out almost a year ago? It really wasn’t that bad. I’ll review it when I get the chance. But anyway, it included an invite to the Battlefield 3 beta. If you’re not pumped up for some Battlefield 3, I just don’t know what’s wrong with you. The open beta is hitting next week, September 29th. This beta will only be one map (no need to spoil the full game!), and it will be the gameplay mode, Rush.

Rush isn’t my favorite style of Battlefield personally, but I’m glad Rush is the mode picked so I can save Conquest for the full game. If you’re curious as to what Rush is, it’s a two team mode where there’s attackers and defenders. Objective gameplay, best done with good teams obviously.

If you’re not interested in Medal of Honor and just want to get Battlefield 3, don’t worry. The game is a month away. The release date, unless some crazy delay shows up, is October 25th. And just in-case you think all the graphics are bull shots, here’s a person playing the alpha build. It’s hot stuff.

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  1. Man the beta is amazing! I love the animation of the soldier when you move reload or throw yourself on the ground. The knife kill are so amazing the sound is so realistic. I know because I shot the M4 and AK47 before. My favorite part is that you play in Paris i can actually recognize the building, the metro and everything else it can a give me a strategic advantage to me and all the Parisian against the world.

  2. This game is really going to have to force Call of Duty / Modern Warfare to step their game up. Watching the trailer for MW3 looked alright, but it was overall the same game. Exactly the same.

    I’ll be playing some this weekend so I’ll try to play some with you.

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