Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 coming November 15

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was officially announced by Capcom and a lot of details were finally announced as well. While I feel that ultimately, Capcom has once again screwed day one purchases who spent $60 on the original, I think you actually come out cheaper buying this version than if this were in DLC format. Non-collector’s edition purchasers of the original had to spend $5 a pop per additional character (and note: there’s only been two since day one). This title will be $39.99 purchase when it’s released this November.

We know there’s going to be some new characters (which I’ll show you who’s new below), but what else is new is what made vanilla Marvel vs. Capcom 3 seem bare. The game will now feature a spectator mode. Great for those who want to watch pros (or horrible players) battle it out online. The game is also going to be re-tuned for character balance. Aside from some tweaks, the game will also feature 8 new stages. And for those who want to pre-order so you won’t be stuck with a bill later, you’ll receive new arenas to fight in as well as a costume pack for the new characters.

I know, I know. But who’s going to be in the game now? Along with your base characters, you’ll now have up to 50 characters to pick from. There’s a total of 12 new characters, 6 per company. Here’s the new roster of characters you’ll be taking for a ride:

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