Official FAQ: Brink

Developer: Splash Damage
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Release Dates:
NA: May 10, 2011
EU: May 13, 2011
AUS: May 12, 2011

Platforms: PC (Steam), PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Brink is a combination of two styles of games: Mirror’s Edge and Team Fortress 2. The game relies heavily on team play, so if you think you’re going to be Rambo, think again. The game isn’t based on realism as much as how classic shooters used to play out. As some reviews have pointed out, a head shot doesn’t mean instant death. The point of the game is to capture objectives or defend a base. It’s very much like Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, but it’s probably because it’s the same makers. The parkour movements in the game create a cool atmosphere, and allows you to truly interact with the envirornment.

This game is strictly a multiplayer game. It’s not one you’re going to walk away from feeling pumped up because you helped defend earth or the United States of America. Instead, the game’s single player is aimed at just learning the maps. Think of it like Unreal Tournament III, or Quake Live.

Brink features four unique classes. You can level up your stats to create a very unique version of any of the four classes. This ensures that the game always feels new, somewhat. Here’s the classes:

The most basic of fighters. He is meant for those who just want to kill-kill-kill! They also have the ability to plant an HE charge, to blow up objectives. Their final ability is to resupply ammo to team members.

This is the main support class. They can repair objectives, deploy turrets, boost attack power, and lay/defuse mines. They also have the ability to create stairs for other areas of the map.

I’m hoping I don’t need to explain much. Medics heal and revive. Much like every other game.

Have you played Team Fortress 2 yet? This is the spy, basically. He can disguise himself, as well as hack turrets and command posts.

There Will Be Blood. (Not Up Yet)

1Up – D
“Brink is unfinished. And that doesn’t mean it’s full of technical problems. Well, it’s got those too. But mostly, it’s just an unpolished, poorly executed mess of ideas.” -Taylor Cocke

Destructoid – 7.5/10
Brink is a confusing beast. Inspired and engrossing, exasperating and chaotic. Putting my thoughts into words has been difficult, as a series of garbled, guttural noises are what I want to make whenever I try to describe this game. I want to excitedly shout about how happy it makes me, but I can’t do so without adding important, overbearing caveats. This is the type of game for which the phrase, “There’s always a but,” was made. There is always a “but” with Brink, some sort of unusual downside to every bright spot.” –Jim Sterling

Eurogamer – 8/10
“Nonetheless, Brink is an exceptional team shooter, smart, supremely well balanced and with a unique, exciting art style. Splash Damage struggles to ease the player into its workings – evidence, perhaps, of the studio’s background creating free mods for hardcore Quake players, who never needed much hand-holding.” –Simon Parkin

Gamesradar – 8/10
“The mechanics of Brink’s shooting, free running, and objective-oriented classes and skills are fantastic. If it weren’t so confined by its premise, it might have been a masterpiece. Instead, it feels smaller than it should, and left me begging for its potential to be fully realized. It’s a shame that it doesn’t quite feel complete, but Brink is still a very good game, and it deserves notation – just below Team Fortress 2 – as an exemplary team-based shooter.” -Tyler Wilde

Gametrailers – 7.9/10

Giant Bomb – 2/5
“Flat combat and a lack of variety are just two of the things that make Brink such a disappointment.” –Jeff Gerstmann

IGN – 6/10
“An exercise in needless repetition.” -Peter Eykemans

Joystiq – 2/5
“Its moments of triumph are unsatisfying and far outnumbered by its moments of crushing frustration.” -Griffin McElroy

The Spec Ops Pack: Walmart,, and Steam

The DOOM Pack: GameStop and

The Fallout Pack: Best Buy and

The Psycho Pack: and Direct2Drive

-None yet.

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