EA Sports plans on subscription based content. Expect others to follow…

Can you believe this crap?

Just a short “Tweet” blog. Don’t buy into this stuff. NOT buying stuff does make a difference. If you’re tired of pay-to-play single player games, DRM, and all the other bullcrap that goes into gaming these days, don’t buy their games. And mean it, too. I really hope this industry crashes soon. We need to start over. Back when games were more “kids toys” and we didn’t have so many casual monkeys trying to run the scene, gaming was great. 1998, for the win! If I’d have thought gaming would turn into a greed fest, I’d have never got into it. Heck, probably would have been a successful something if it weren’t for Nintendo’s evil, soul-sucking gems.

Another stupid thing, while I’m on the subject, is the strategy guides. Do you people really buy them? I’ve even seen “Collector’s Editions” of strategy guide. The last guide I bought was GTA 4, and it was just so I could read the guide at work. But c’mon. A collector’s edition guide of a game you’re not going to play in a month? You people need to really wake up to some basic economics.

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