Cosplay: The Good, The Bad, and The Funny

Cosplay, for those unfamiliar in this, is the ultimate fan-nerd thing you can do. And please be aware, nerd shouldn’t be synonymous to bad. Nerd stuff is awesome, which is why I have this website in the first place. But sometimes, it just goes too far, and I love it. How this is going to work is the “Good” stuff will be the cosplay costumes that actually look pretty accurate. The “Bad” will be the ones that just look like garbage sometimes the cosplay that just is so bad, it’s funny. If you have any suggestions to other great ones, post them in the comments. I’d love to laugh, or be impressed.

"Team Rocket" of Pokemon.

"Nightmare" from Soul Calibur.

"Ivy" from Soul Calibur.

"Brotherhood of Steel" soldier from Fallout.

"Samus" from Metroid.

"Tifa" from Final Fantasy VII.

"Manny" from Grim Fandango.

"Lara Croft" from Tomb Raider.

"Big Daddy" from BioShock.

"Joanna Dark" from Perfect Dark.

"Master Chief" from Halo.

"Kitana" from Mortal Kombat.

"Scorpion" from Mortal Kombat.

"Dhalsim" from Street Fighter.

"Cammy" from Street Fighter.

"Chun Li" from Street Fighter.

"Helghast" from Killzone.

"Big Boss" from Metal Gear Solid with Hideo Kojima.

"Yuna" from Final Fantasy.

"Poison" from Final Fight. A little innacurate, since Poison was a dude in drag.

"Green and Purple Tentacle" from Day of the Tentacle.

"Gordon Freeman" from Half-Life.

Ready for the bad cosplay? Here we go

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  1. Nice collection! “Tifa” and “Lara Croft”are hot! The “Kitana” girl is super suuuper hot!

  2. Some of these costumes are reaaaly good, like something similar for my Halloween Costumes haha yeah i wish

  3. Hi, thanks for my scorpion picture here… but I think it’s not a good cosplay, I made it few years ago when I’ve started cosplay ^^
    Maybe you could remove this picture please ? I really don’t like it without the ninja mask…
    To prouve that’s me on the pic :
    Here is the new version of my Scorpion Cosplay if you want to change 😉
    Thanks in advance 😉
    ++ Jonathan

    • Will do. Thanks for the update!

    • I assume the version currently uploaded is the better version (it is masked)? Just wanted to say that it was absolutely incredible – it crossed the line from Cosplay quality to Hollywood quality. Also, unlike many people who just want to dress like the characters, you captured the character itself. I love this because it made it as legitimate as an actor playing the role in a film, really brought the living demon to life.

  4. The Joanna Dark looks bette than the Xbox 360 era version! That’s EXACTLY how she should have looked – attractive looking but in a normal, not pop idol or Hollywood, kind of way. When I saw this thumbnail in a Google search, I thought they’d made a film of Perfect Dark and chosen the perfect actress.

    If they ever do (don’t, it’ll just suck) or if they make another game (don’t, it’ll just suck) then they should use that woman as the actress/model.

  5. Joanna Dark is very cute looking. She is Bayonetta’s best friend.

  6. Joanna Dark is very cute. She is Bayonetta’s best friend.

  7. The Joanna Dark cosplay is very cute. I like her the best.

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