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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D releasing in June 2011…and new screenshots.

Have you bought the Nintendo 3DS yet? Oh, waiting on that better battery life that was confirmed to work? Broke? Meh, I understand that. But get ready to get jelly as this June, Nintendo is putting the updated version of Ocarina of Time on the 3DS. Ocarina of Time is considered widely to be one of the best of series for Zelda. Enjoy the new screen shots.

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Duke Nukem Forever’s ‘Capture the Babe’ Causes Some Fake Controversy

Hail to the king, baby!
What’s more shocking than a Duke Nukem Forever mode that features you capturing a stripper, throwing her over your shoulder, and slapping her butt? How about Al Bundy liking women? Duke Nuke caused fake controversy recently with the reveal of their ‘Capture the Babe’ mode. This mode is basically capture the flag, but the flag is a stripper, and yes, she’s treated very much like an object. This isn’t what really caused the controversy. No, treating women as a literal object is not the cause at all. It’s the fact that you have the option to slap her butt. Now, originally, the half-truths on the internet were running around saying you could slap a woman, which instantly sparked a thought of a woman getting the ‘Shut yer trap!” slap to the mouth. Then the truth was brought forth, and it just ended up being a slap on the butt. But because the fake controversy was stirred already, they had to stick to their guns.

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Duke Nukem Forever delayed, even under Gearbox Software direction.

Expecting to get your hands on the industries fabled game this upcoming May? Gearbox and 2K Games has confirmed the title will be delayed until June 10th internationally, and on June 14th in North America. This just confirms that the title is keeping up to the accuracies of 3D Realms. How else does a game like Duke Nukem Forever confirm a delay? Through a terrific trailer, of course.

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Super Mario Bros. NextGen SFX

Oh, Mario! I know this isn’t a normal realistic video game video, but regardless, this is well worth the watch.

Epic reveals new game engine. Graphics card companies get ready for maximum monies.

Epic’s graphics engines have always been good, but boy, this just looks amazing. Enjoy the eye candy.

Dark Souls screen shots that look demonishly good.

Demon’s Souls is a masterpiece. It brings the controller-throwing difficulty out of all of us. So a spin-off was required by the good people of the gaming community, and so Atlus brought forth Dark Souls. This is going to be a non-exclusive title this time, meaning everyone can get a piece of the pie. The screen shots for this game look incredible. Take a look at the gallery below.

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Cosplay: The Good, The Bad, and The Funny

Cosplay, for those unfamiliar in this, is the ultimate fan-nerd thing you can do. And please be aware, nerd shouldn’t be synonymous to bad. Nerd stuff is awesome, which is why I have this website in the first place. But sometimes, it just goes too far, and I love it. How this is going to work is the “Good” stuff will be the cosplay costumes that actually look pretty accurate. The “Bad” will be the ones that just look like garbage sometimes the cosplay that just is so bad, it’s funny. If you have any suggestions to other great ones, post them in the comments. I’d love to laugh, or be impressed.

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LA Noire “Naked City” trailer

I won’t be playing this unless this is out on DLC because I usually buy all my stuff from Amazon, but any video I can find of this game, I’m going to watch. Those facial movements are amazing.

Battlefield 3 teaser shows little gameplay, but still impresses

This is schedule to release date is this fall, plenty of time for us to get bored of Killzone 3, Crysis 2, and the three or four new Call of Duties that will be released from now until then. This game is going to be insane from the looks of it. The question now is do which platform is this going to be best played? The original series was strictly a PC title (such as the terrific Battlefield 2), but I’m wondering now if it will be best played on a console since most of today’s games seem to be built on consoles first and ported back to the PC. Either way, this should be a blast! Bad Company 2 is still played monthly by me, because it has such excellent multiplayer.