Marvel vs Capcom 3 hackers discover hidden possible DLC characters

Don’t say a hacker never did anything for you. Hackers, Global-Trace and Krissan Thyme, have discovered something pretty neat on the disc of Marvel vs Capcom 3. Frank West from Dead Rising, and Doctor Octopus will be possible unlockable characters. Cool, huh?

Here’s some photo leakage:

According to hacker, Global-Trace:

There are references of Frank West and Dr. Octopus found in the boot executable but NONE OF THEIR MODELS, ANIMATIONS, TEXTURES, SOUNDS, ARTWORK EXIST ON THE DISC. NONE. ALL GONE,

So at least we’re not getting shafted too hard by Capcom, right? I mean, at least the characters are sitting on the disc, waiting for the DLC unlock code. However, they do report that Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorath are on the disc already, but are missing some features like audio. I’m a little disappointed that they didn’t find Gambit hidden on the disc, but maybe the Capcom Utility voting will fix this.

Source: Images from Global-Trace, Shoryuken for more on the story.

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