Bulletstorm releases attack on Call of Duty

Bulletstorm is over-the-top immature; and that’s why I love it! To promote it, instead of just releasing a demo on the PC, they put out a very, very short parody of an overly loved franchise by Activision known as Call of Duty. You know, the game you’ve played because everyone has played it. It’s called Duty Calls, and while it’s 700MB, you really won’t get to do much. You’d be better off just watching the video I recorded on YouTube. It’s only a 4 minute joke game. Still, it’s pretty funny.

Being familiar with the Duty series, the cliché elements of the game have their parts exposed in the parody. For example, the slow-motion boss fights, the “dramatic” story twist (ya know, someone that you don’t care about dying), and the enemies popping out while making your HUD have blood-spray all over the place. The best is the ending for it’s truly epic smooth talking ability.

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  1. i like Pie

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