Morrowind 2011 looks amazing, so Bethesda threatens legal action.

You may not realize this, but somewhere in the world, people still care about older games. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind was a huge deal when released. It was dubbed the single-player MMO. A vast, living world to explore with events at every corner, and a map that was unbelievable. Actually, it’s still a very impressive game. It’s much more of a hardcore version of Oblivion. Some of the features that Oblvion toned down is what made this game so perfect. In a quest, you could actually destroy the questing chain by killing a key character. Actions where much more important. Another key element that makes Morrowind just that much better than Oblivion (in terms of hardcore) is that when you murdered someone in silence, you didn’t awake the national guard. You know what I’m talking about, Scroll Fans!

In celebration to 2002’s excellence, a terrific compilation pack has updated the game to look just as good as many of your other games. It’s called Morrowind 2011. So, where do you download this wonderful piece of work? Psssssh, you can’t right now. Well, you can, but whatever. You can thank our buddies at Bethesda for this, as they pulled the whole thing. So how do you still get lovely graphics on an old game? Find alternative methods!

Download these two packs (Visual Pack XT and Visual Pack Combined 3.0). You may also want to use Mlox to help you.

You can also try this, but be prepared to spend a night reading.

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  1. I would suggest to anyone installing “Morrowind 2011” that they update MGE. You can either follow my guide’s MGE section (DryvBy linked to it at the end of this article!) or you can go to the Bethsoft forums and read through the MGE thread to procure the updates you need.

    Morrowind 2011 is not very aptly named, he’s not included any mods that came out since early 2010. The modding community has already come out with things that far surpass the things included in the “2011” pack.

    :3 I saw I was linked here and thought I’d offer a bit of advice.

  2. the modding community finally have done something not even bethesda could do because there a lot of lazy mother fuckers just take a look at there other games arena,daggerfall.morrowind,oblivion,skyrim,fallout 3.and last but not least but not least new vegus all great games yes however they did a poor job at the same time when your playing any of there games you get tons of bugs some are mild and others are far worse when it come to pc games some will crash your pc and there are even some in the xbox version take morrowind your get a topic by someone who talks about morrowind law or the law of morrowind as soon as you talk about it crashes your game even on the xbox version or how about falling thu the floor. Then you have skyrim not only did they do a shitty job when it came to enchanting but also the spells but this is not to be talking about what is the bugs found in the game as soon as you playin skyrim for sometime your have a lot of slow animation to the point the game will. Freeze your xbox 360 or how about being stuck in the mountain or in the floor its even more sad now that in order to play new vegus and skyrim for pc you have to install stream to play I. Guess they think it will cut down people who play bootleg copys of the game will I got news for you your stupid if you think it will stop hackers and modders will always find a way to over throw your rich asses here some info why not begreatful for some of the xbox players and make some new mods for he people who still play your games who don’t have a pc and stop making so many games and focus on the ones you have now and make them better for others to enjoy them after hiking your prices up to buy your games from the store 60$ I payed for skyrim just to find out I could not even play your shitty game all because I don’t have the. Internet I onl have it on my cell

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