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Review: X-Men: The Arcade Game (PS3)

When I was growing up, the arcades were something to really get into. Across America, there’s not too many arcade cabinets floating around outside of a Pac-man game, or maybe Street Fighter II. The arcades served a purpose to bring you entertainment for a short period while enjoying pizza slices. Since there’s not too many arcades around, it’s a pleasure to welcome any and all arcade titles to our home consoles or PC.

X-Men: The Arcade Game is one of the titles I grew up with back in 1992, and spent many a quarter playing. The game is a blast, but truly much more fun with some friends. It’s a 6-player beat-em-up co-op title with a decent amount of levels and bosses. Since it was in the arcade, you wouldn’t expect a game like this to be lengthy. So, after all of these years, how does the title hold up? And is it worth it?

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Portal beaten in 10 minutes. Cake is still a lie.

Simply amazing. Watch as DemonStrate totally annihilates the game. This isn’t a long game in the first place, but to beat it this quickly? It just shows you that PC gamers are still king.

Review: X-Men Origins: Wolverine (PS3)

For Wolverine’s first stand alone game in a long time, Wolverine holds nothing back. It’s action packed, gory, and full of generic Wolverine humor. It almost feels like a God of War or Devil May Cry clone, but falls short in few factors.

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