Borderlands 2 and the Infinite Wishing Well

Borderlands took my love for killing things with a gun, my love for leveling up, and my lustful love for collecting color-ranked inventory. Because of this, Borderlands is one of the top three games I’ve played this generation by far. Could it be better? Let’s find out by making a list of wants needs for the new Borderlands, which I’m sure there will be.

*Custom Characters: Let us create our own characters based on specifics! Too many times have I ran into all Hunters in a game and it just makes the game feel boring. If custom creation is too much, let’s go to the next step:

*Armor/Rings/Amulet Loot!: Being able to get real armor, and not just a shield, would be awesome. It would change the look of people and with several different varieties of clothing that could drop, you’d really be able to create an almost custom looking character to play with. Plus, it would make the game even more addicting to worry about your defense just as much as your offense.

*Sword/Sheild-Play: As much as I love shooting the life out of a bandit or crab, I’d sure love to see some brutal sword violence in the game. This would give a new variety to the game as well. (Possibly making a new sword-based class?)

*Much more variety in the skill tree: I felt the skill tree was pretty weak. Past a certain level, I’ve only been spending skill points just because I have them. There needs to be a skill tree that can make each class feel completely different. For example: a soldier has boosting abilities for himself and people around him, or can just Rambo his way in and out of a sticky situation, or can drop ammo if needed. Much like how Diablo makes a class feel different depeneding on what his focus is. Borderlands never made me feel this.

*Make Money Matter: I think in action-RPGs, gold and money is worthless. How do some games fix this? Diablo and Torchlight had a gambling process in which a player would spend a huge amount of money on an item that would either be completely worthless, decent, or amazing. This would help me spend my 9 million a lot more. I rarely go to the shops so I just mainly collect the money just because it’s shiny on the ground. Another thing I thought of would be an online auction house for items people want to sell. Or if not that, just cash in max gold for a skill point or something else.

*Variety in Beast: Bandits of all variety were nice, but there should be around triple the amount of variety in the next chapter. That’s triple from what DLC1-4 gave us too, by the way.

*Less Loading, More Killing: This is the least of my wants, but I really would like to see the game load once, or at least as infrequent as it does. If not possible, no biggie, but it is a want.

*Hardcore Hell Mode: Allow me to create a character that proves I’m the bee’s knees. I want to be able to have my character be completely erased if I die. I want the enemies to feel near impossible to kill. A la Diablo’s Hell Mode meets Demon’s Souls. Note: This would be an option for those who just want the ultimate challenge in Borderlands.

Other wants?

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  1. A variety of enemies would be good, also maybe make the enemies a bit harder to kill, but make your shield last more than one hit to would be good 🙂
    More choices for the skill tree to, there was a few but not really enough to make my decisions hard to what to spend points on. I want to have a hell of a decision to make with the points 🙂
    The sword idea is a good one, that wouldve been good on Mordecai.
    Maybe some good co-op kills, like a skill where one character does a special move to which another has another skill which finishes it off, that with a special kill cut scene ( a short one though so it doesnt take away from the action ) but you’d have to make it so if your playing alone, your special move either finishes it off or you could just shoot them while they are in limbo so to speak.

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