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EULA: Red, White, and Blues

By reading this blog, you agree that you have no rights other than to comment on this blog. Not commenting on this blog may result in a law suit, death by stoning, or just a ToS-warning. Commenting on this blog on any subject outside of given topics (see section 2)will result in a $250 fine, as well as loss of one child in the near future.

Section 1: Please be aware that this is not stupid, and thinking a EULA like this is stupid is punishable by death.

Section 2: Given topics are only about the EULA, and how awesome it is. Anything other than that will be punished! PUNISHED!!

By agreeing to this EULA, you also have agreed to something before reading it. Now who is stupid?

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Borderlands 2 and the Infinite Wishing Well

Borderlands took my love for killing things with a gun, my love for leveling up, and my lustful love for collecting color-ranked inventory. Because of this, Borderlands is one of the top three games I’ve played this generation by far. Could it be better? Let’s find out by making a list of wants needs for the new Borderlands, which I’m sure there will be.

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