PlayStation Move Impressions

It’s finally here! The PlayStation Move, or Wii Remote for the PlayStation 3. Is it everything the Wii is not? It it revolutionary? Let’s find out using the final product, as well as some full version games and demos.

The PlayStation Move is setup using the PlayStation Eye and a Move controller. I also bought a Navigator controller to test out, for the full Move experience. For those who are interested in the Move setup, you actually don’t need the Navigator just yet. You can use your PlayStation 3 controller if you don’t want to buy a Nav. The camera generally will sit on top of your television, or below it, but atop seems to work much better. The controller is sturdy and fits nicely in your hand. The ball on top of the Move controller is weird. You really need to get a stand or something for it because it will collect anything it touches, such as pet hair. No, not EyePet hair because that pet isn’t real.

Moving around the XML is easy, but it’s a bit sensitive. It takes a while to get used to, but hopefully will be mastered in minutes. The room your in doesn’t have to be lit to much for the controller to work. And you don’t have to sit directly in front of the camera for it to work well. It works wherever. Even if you’ve covered your controller with something, it overall works. You can’t drown it in a pillow, but it will work just fine if the Eye cannot see the Move completely.

EyePet Demo: The worst part about this game is seeing the very grainy camera. It’s a horrible quality camera that has pixelation issues all over the place. It works, at least. The game is very responsive (with the Move controller) but it feels weird. The worst part about the game is the tutorial to “wiggle your fingers”. It doesn’t recognize the finger movement unless your hand it high in the air. The drawing works well and is accurate. For the demo, I even drew different objects for him to fly in, which was pretty cool.

Heavy Rain: Very gesture oriented. The game works very well though, however, you won’t experience the full magic of the game. This game works very well with very little error. I actually almost played through the game again because it made the game a bit more fun.

Tumble Demo: Game works really well, however, I felt I constantly needed to recalibrate the controller (which is as simple as pressing one button). Responsive? Very much. A good demo to test out the controller, I thought.

Sports Champions: The best way to test out the controller. Gladiator is incredibly responsive and plays much like a motion controlled Soul Calibur game. Table Tennis is the second best game. It truly feels like real tennis in later matches. It’s a bit to easy on the first difficulty level, but at least it works well. Archery is responsive. I had a bit too much fun with this game. The other games are just as responsive. This is probably the best game to try out the controller, and should be. It’s the Wii Sports of PlayStation. Too bad there’s no bowling and baseball. Soon, NBA 2K11 and Virtua Tennis will be hitting shelves (well, NBA at least…). I’ll have more updates as we go.

Overall Impressions: While the Move is definitely great and welcoming in the HD area, I can safely say if you have a Wii and play that a lot, this will not persuade you to jump ship into the PlayStation area. It’s no where near revolutionary, but it feels a lot closer to that than the Wii did when I first got it. Part of the issue is the 1:1. It doesn’t feel 1:1. At least in some games. I haven’t had the chance to try Mag Beta with the Move controller, so I’m hoping that works out well. It’s a matter of time to tell if the Move is going to force Nintendo into the HD area, but until then, it’s a good device for those interested in HD motion controls.

Verdict: Wait for more games unless you’re like me and really, really want to test out the sports titles.

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