Halo: Reach Impressions

Halo: Reach is pretty incredible so far. I’m not even near done, thanks to school and the mediocre X-Men Origins: Wolverine had me finishing the game so I could send it back to where it came from. But I got to test out the core aspects of everything, so here’s my impression.

Single Player: It looks like it’s going to be a blast to play through. The things they got right is keeping the universe intact, even making the game feel a little more like Halo: Combat Evolved. The removal of akimbo weapons (dual weilding) is a nice feature, although it removes the combo system. The health pack makes the game pack a bigger punch of Legendary. You don’t just regenerate all of your health like Halo 2 and 3. You have to find health packs. It truly makes you think before you run and gun. The only things not to my liking so far is the characters feel boring. I don’t even care about them. Will they die? Who cares. Master Chief had a sort of personality, where you felt like he was the ultimate savior of the war. These guys are just your average soldiers. I’m hoping this improves later. Other than that, there’s been a few frame rate issues. Not really sure why an exclusive has this with the incredible caliber from Bungie. None the less, it’s only during cinematics so it’s not that bad.

Multi Player: It’s essentially the same as Halo 3, but just feels more exciting. I only played a few rounds, but overall, it was enough to have me wanting more and more when I had to quit last night. Halo’s multiplayer, fan or not fan, is fine tuned for the style of gameplay it provides. It’s an excellent shooter on a console, and feels like a clone only to itself. Issues? None, really. The maps could have taken a queue from Battlefield and expanded into much bigger maps. I haven’t played through all of them, but they seemed a little average than what I was thinking. Haven’t tried jet packs, so I have no idea. I also am curious if they’re planning on or have brought back the two best maps from Halo: CE. Blood Gultch, of course, and Sidewinder. Anyone know?

I haven’t tried Forge yet. I thought reviewers and fans alike were brain dead wrong when they were saying Forge was “revolutionary”.I used to create maps for my favorite games on PC back in the day. Forge is just a generic item placer, yet I saw in a few professional reviews the word “revolutionary”. A dictionary would be helpful in these cases.

Overall, the biggest question is this a true sequel or something that feels a bit more like the same. So far, I’m saying it’s about the same. That’s not really a bad thing, but it can be. The multiplayer seems to be the biggest improvement, but mainly because of the ranking system. This is not a good month 1 purchase for if you’re into single player only or if you’re looking for something new outside of Halo 3. It’s a baby step up for the series so far, which is better than a baby step down. As of now, though, I’m not disappointed in my purchase. I’m actually excited about playing it.

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