Review: Terminator: Salvation

The Terminator is a childhood classic for me. Violence, gore, steroid men fighting not-so-steroid men, and cool music. This game is none of that. Aside from the mild violence.

The game starts out with you, John Conner, learning how to maneuver over an obstacle such as a wall. You’re in Los Angeles, California, and things look about the same in 2016. You take your battle across the street to fight aero units. They fly, shoot at you, and make easy targets with the shotgun that you’ll find soon after. I’d explain the story but I guess we could just sum it up into man versus machine.

This is basically all the game.

The game sort of goes downhill from here. While the first level isn’t that bad, the game just progresses in a spiral downward until you don’t want to play anymore. The best bit of the game is actually all in the first level and where you get to control a giant mech. You hardly run into any cool terminator machines though. You will battle 60% of the time these stupid aero units. Again: they fly, shoot, and explode. Other than that, the T-600s (skeleton-looking machines that carry mini-guns) and T-7-Ts are the only things you fight. Sure, maybe two other enemies appear in the game, but that’s still lackluster. Let’s not even mention the boring vehicle missions.

The controls aren’t horrible, but the game overall feels very generic. It plays much like a Gears of War-clone, but just not near as good. In fact, most of the time either your team mates are going to get all the kills, or you’re going to see the load screen more times than you need. If anything, I’d say that the actual gameplay is decent enough to save this game from being a total disaster. It plays the way it should. It just feels they didn’t touch up on the overall handling of the game, and then ruined it by not going anywhere in regards of enemy units or an epic boss battle.

I never tried the game in co-op. I never got the chance. No one wanted to play with me, and I don’t blame them. The game is just not fun. If anything, it works, and doesn’t crash, so I guess that’s a good sign. Right?

Verdict: Skip completely

*Note: The PlayStation 3 version runs much smoother than the Xbox 360 version from what I could tell. The movies would not skip on the Xbox 360 version as well, which is odd.

Terminator Salvation (PS3) (Buy on Amazon)
Terminator Salvation (X360) (Buy on Amazon)
Terminator Salvation (PC) (Buy on Amazon)

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