Micro$oft wants more money. Meanwhile, you agree.

In this day and age, most companies are lowering their prices to compete with the looming market right now. Microsoft, on the other hand, thinks they’re more than special; they’re untouchable. So what does the community think of this? Well, the Microsoft community is all for it. Sure, why not. It’s only your wallet!

Why is Xbox Live worth it to said community? Hulu, I’ve heard. ESPN, I’ve heard. Last.fm, I’ve heard. Facebook, I’ve heard. I’m sorry but I thought we were talking about a gaming system. Sadly, all of the features that people are paying for are available on other systems for free. Before we get into the typical flame wars of console vs. console, let me explain that this has nothing to do with the base model of the Xbox 360. It has everything to do with the extra services they offer. So if you want to have a war of some sort, let’s war over the services these fine machines offer.

The big news is the price jump from $10 extra per year for annual payments or $2 extra per month. This doesn’t look that bad right now, but let me be honest. I could care less about the ‘extra’ junk outside of playing online. I get all of those other services on my PC for free. I don’t want to be able to watch Hulu on my 360 for a premium per month. So why can’t Microsoft pump out a Platinum membership for these other non-gaming features? Gold membership should be subject to just gaming. I don’t get these service plans. It all boils down to, “Hi. We’re a greedy company that demands more money.”.

This isn’t just the shortcomings of one company. This is all companies in general. Greed makes the corporate ladder taller.

I’ve already switched my long-loyal companionship over to the dark side, Sony, and didn’t have a huge issue with Xbox Live until I got out of it. I still pay for it (I buy the cards so I can save a lot of money), but after this price jump, even how small it might be, I’m dropping out.

I understand that some of you don’t have other means to play games. I just don’t understand why people are jumping on board to say, “Well worth it! Here’s my money, Microsoft! No argument from me! And I’ll be on the forums later defending it to the point of getting banned!!”. I’m voting with my wallet on this one though.

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